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Do you have any idea how your dental lab appears to the market and potential customers

It's imperative to keep your savvy customers in mind when developing your company and dental lab branding.

Safety Guidelines to Prevent Dental Injuries and Trauma

Dental and mouth injuries are very common. About 80% of them affect one or several front teeth, which causes damage to the gums, tongue, inner cheeks and lips. For kids below 3 years old, injuries of baby teeth often result from learning how to walk. However, sports injuries still top the list of the causes of mouth and tooth injuries in both adolescents and adults.

Patient Management Software in DentaGama

Free Dental Software in

How to find the Best Dentist

A short guide to finding the best dentist?

Teeth Whitening Smiles For Life Campaign

Thinking about getting your teeth whitened? This is the right time to do as you can join Smiles for Life campaign and get your teeth whitened while helping a child.

Dental Technology Showcase 2015

Meet DentLab Manager Friday 17th and Saturday 18th April at the NEC in Birmingham

Is Mouthwash Necessary For Healthy Teeth Research Proves Otherwise

Mouthwash might affect your oral health and is not an all time better deal for your teeth.

Affordable dentures Oregon

Affordable Dentures Oregon offer partial and full dentures treatment for missing teeth; we also provide dentures repairs, Adjustments and Relines services.

Regular Dental check up is good for Oral Health

Dentistry should not be painful and we will try to make every dental visit as comfortable as possible.

Say I Do To Your Dream Smile

Cosmetic dentistry procedures that can enhance your smile for your big wedding day and beyond.

Important Reasons to Get Specialist Tooth Cleaning Services

The content features some of the important reasons as to why people should get their teeth washed.

The Surgery and Outcome of Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are the third molars and they are the last permanent teeth to appear or erupt in the mouth. Likewise, they usually appear between the ages 17 and 25.

Know how long do porcelain crowns last on front teeth

Placing porcelain crowns on front teeth can be one of the more challenging procedures you will need a skilled cosmetic dentist who works with an experienced cosmetic dental lab to get done. You want to have porcelain crowns on your front teeth that should match in your smile zone. Some of the best choice of materials you can select from for your porcelain crowns include e.max material by Ivoclar Vivadent (a kind of material which provides the greatest strength in porcelain and with results that are aesthetically pleasing), Lava material by 3M, and Procera by Nobel Biocare. Your dentist can advise you on the option for the brand of material you can have for your porcelain crowns.

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