Acidic Food Can Cause Dental Decay- Dental Health Tips By Jamnagar Dentist Dr. Bharat Katarmal

24 June 2015, Dr. Bharat Katarmal Dental Clinic Jamnagar

acidic food harm teeth explained by jamnagar dentist dr. bharat katarmal
Tip for healthy teeth that how acidic food can harm teeth.

Acidic drinks and foods lower the pH level of the mouth so consuming those causes the teeth to demineralise. Drinks low in pH levels that cause dental erosion include fruit juices, sports drinks, wine, beer and carbonated drinks. Orange and apple juices are common culprits among fruit juices. Carbonated drinks such as colas are also very acidic.                                                     

While exposure to acidic foods, such as lemons, oranges and grapefruits don’t directly cause cavities, it weakens the enamel on your teeth, which can weaken teeth and make them more prone to decay.

One can minimize acid exposure by drinking juice in one sitting (not sipping for hours) and then avoiding other acidic foods and drinks for several hours.

Keep teeth strong by limiting extremely acidic foods.

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