Best Paying Entry Level Jobs

10 October 2016, Munppa

Best Paying Entry Level Jobs
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Best Paying Entry Level Jobs

With signs of economic decline gradually easing off and the job market gaining ground, the prospects of securing a decently paid entry level job at present is relatively better than the previous few years.

However, the notion of ‘school leavers would be the ones who would select entry level jobs’ seems to have gained a different twist as trained and untrained individuals alike compete for entry-level jobs for different purposes.

For school leavers, it may be a case of starting from some point towards a career of their choice although for others, it may be a case of starting a new career from  scratch as they may have decided to ditch the previous career as a result of bad economic prospects.

In some instances, the decision to take an entry-level job would be based on the better salaries enjoyed by certain job categories as against even the senior positions in certain other job categories.

Requirement for entry level jobs

When considering the entry-level requirements for some of the best paying jobs, it could be either a bachelor’s degree or a high school diploma with relevant industry training.

However, there are jobs that do not require any training at all, although the pay associated with such entry level jobs would not be very attractive.

At the same time, job prospects can change from state to state and even within a single state from one county to another depending on the demand and the competitiveness for such positions.

This article will describe several entry-level jobs that have been recognized by industry experts as some of the best paying in the market.

Graphic designers and sales representatives

Among the leading entry level jobs, graphic designers and sales representatives should be highlighted as these can generate earnings in excess of Rs. 10 Lacs per annum while the salary range recognizable for an entry level sales representative would be from Rs.3,00,000 to Rs.5,00,000  per annum.

However, while the graphic designer jobs would require  the candidates to possess a bachelors degree and training in graphic designing, most sales representative jobs would not require formal training although having training or experience in relation to certain products along with good communication and persuasive skills would be required by a sales representative.

Registered nurses

Registered nurse is another entry-level job that has been recognized as paying well and the median salary is expected to range from Rs.6,00,000 to Rs.8,00,000.

However, entry to this job category requires undergoing specialized nurse training and gaining accreditations after passing the licentiate examination for a particular state.

Financial analyst

Financial analyst jobs are also available at entry level and these jobs can offer salaries in the range of Rs.10,00,000. It requires a bachelor’s degree in economics, financing, accounting, business management…etc.


Copywriter is another job that has been seen as bringing better prospects at entry level. It offers salaries in the range of Rs.8,00,000 at entry level while the qualifications required by most companies from its potential candidates include a bachelor’s degree in communication studies, media, public relations, journalism or in English.

Human resource assistant

Another job that requires a bachelor’s level degree and offers good remuneration at entry level is the position of human resource assistant and the salary offered for such positions could be around Rs.7,00,000 in most instances.

Jobs not requiring formal training

Among the jobs that do not require much formal training and still pays substantial amount of entry level salary includes mail carriers, construction workers, tollbooth collectors and truck drivers.

In addition, plumbers and garbage collecting jobs have also been recognized as having decent entry level salaries for those who have not had much formal training.

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