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Dr. Trinh Nguyen earned his Bachelor of Science in Biology at UC Irvine, where he graduated with honors. He then completed his DMD degree at Temple University School of Dentistry.

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Type: Dental clinic
Languages spoken: Native English

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  • Cosmetic and Esthetic Dentistry

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Country: United States
Address: Garden Grove, 9080 Brookhurst St, 92646
Telephone: (714)702-1485

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22 Mill Street, Suite 104, MA


News and articles by CDIC Dental

The Surgery and Outcome of Wisdom Teeth RemovalThe Surgery and Outcome of Wisdom Teeth Removal

There are some people who never get to develop their wisdom teeth. However, for others their wisdom teeth normally erupt in the mouth or they grow normally. In case they erupt partially, they are called to be impacted. When this happens, surgery may be required. This procedure is performed in dental clinic. But, in case the tooth is deeply impacted or if extraction is too difficult, an oral surgeon will be recommended. During the Procedure A doctor or an oral surgeon may use some types of anesthesia. The kind of anesthesia to be used would basically depend on the anticipated complexity of the extraction and the patient’s comfort level. The options would include the following. Local Anesthesia- The doctor or surgeon would administer the local anesthesia using one or more injections near the extraction site. Before the patient receives an injection, the dentis


 5 Reasons Why You Need To Get Regular Dental Check-Ups 5 Reasons Why You Need To Get Regular Dental Check-Ups

Something about the whole experience gives most people shivers down their spine.  Although it is not in anyone's top five list of things do there are many reasons why regular dental check ups are important part of our overall health. Catch the Little Things Before They Become the Big Things Getting a cavity filled is not a great experience but it is much better than having to get a root canal.  Regular dental check ups allow you to catch cavities when they are small and easy to fix or even catch and reverse the beginning of tooth decay.  It can also help to catch the early stages of gum disease before it becomes a major health problem. Oral Cancer Detection Cancer is a scary word and its even scarier when you realize that it can even invade your mouth.  Dentists are able to detect warning signs and early signs of oral cancer which increase y


10 Ways to Whiten Your Teeth10 Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

Enjoying the benefits of having sparkling white teeth is a privilege that everyone should be able to take advantage of. With the availability of dental technology advancement and dental information through education and the internet, there is no reason for anyone to be unaware of how to maintain good oral health and sparkling white teeth in particular. 1. Brush your teeth regularly at least twice a day most especially after every time you have a sumptuous meal during the day. For people who are always on the go, it may be impossible for them to take toothbrush breaks during the day that it coud be advisable for them to brush their teeth when waking up and before going to bed. 2. Food particles that get stuck in between teeth and in the gum line contribute greatly to staining your teeth that is why regular flossing is advised most especially after you eat your meals and snacks



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