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Country: United States
Address: New York City, New York Clty
Telephone: 315-567-2764

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What Is The Cost

We've all heard of root canals and root canal therapy... and even if you don't really recognize what it is, we know it generally doesn't sound too good. So what is a root canal? It's a procedure that is done to save and repair a tooth that is decayed or that is infected. What is basically being done when you have a root canal procedure done is the nerve and pulp that are inside of the tooth are taken out and the inside of the tooth is cleaned and the sealed back up. Root canal therapy is made up of an X-Ray should be taken, your tooth and the area should be numbed and then the tooth is drilled, cleaned and sealed back up. With that being said, you have to think all of this cost a fortune. It doesn't cost a fortune, but the price can differ depending on other factors that should be taken into consideration. You can have root canal therapy done by a general denti


What is All-on-4What is All-on-4

Advances made in the dental field have now made it possible to get things done within one day.   A dentist in Portugal, Dr. Paulo Malo, is the one that devised this technique that is now being used by many dentists across the country today.   Dr. Malo found that this procedure works out great for patients who lost their teeth but do not have sufficient bone available to use the normal dental implants.  It certainly beats getting a bone graft which would take a lot of time and would be more costly to the patient. How is it possible to having it done only on one day? A set of implants can support the dentures all in the same day but with only four implants being used, you won't be finished all in the same day but you will have teeth!    If you have a mouthful of missing teeth or are wearing dentures this may be your new s


How Dentures are MadeHow Dentures are Made

When you visit a dentist to obtain dentures, the dentist typically follows a few basic procedures. The Impression And Assessment Stage - The Actual Dentures Are Often Created Off Site In A Lab   During this stage, the dentist will discuss the reasons why you need dentures.  Then, the dental specialist will inspect your month and every area that has tissue.  The condition of your teeth will also be examined.  Finally, an impression of your mouth will be taken before you leave the clinic.   The process of making the impression requires the use of unique material.  The material has the consistency of a soft dough.  The dough-like material will be placed in a stock tray, which is a plastic container.  The stock tray fits in your mouth over your jaw.  Each impression will be made individually; once made, the dentist lets the


Understanding Porcelain Crowns and How They Are UsedUnderstanding Porcelain Crowns and How They Are Used

  Dentist eugene has said he wants to give you a porcelain crown.  You've heard of crowns, but not porcelain.  Is that even possible?  Looking it up online only makes things worse:  veneers, metal and porcelain hybrids, machine milling versus hand shaping, it goes on and on.  What does all this mean, and how do you make the best decisions? A dental crown is a cap that sits on top of a damaged tooth.  It generally looks like the tooth it's replacing, and is made of metal, porcelain (also called ceramic), resin, or a combination of metal and porcelain.  There are lots of reasons why a crown is a good choice.  The most common is to protect a tooth that is already broken and needs to be held together, or is in danger of breaking or other damage without the protection of a crown.  Crowns can also be used to anchor a larger d



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