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How to Use Interdental Brushes

What are the interdental brushes? Step by step guide on how to use an interdental brush.

Thumb Sucking Appliances

Dental appliances used to remove the bad habit of thumb sucking

How to floss with braces on?

Tips on how to floss your teeth if you have braces on.


The condition of having abnormally small teeth is called microdontia. It may affect one or more teeth in the dentition.

Should I floss before or after brushing my teeth?

Have you ever wondered which one is first - flossing or brushing?

10 Tips to Stop Thumb Sucking

How can you stop thumb sucking in children? Take a look at these useful tips.

Thumb sucking

Consequences of digit sucking include dislocating the front teeth and malocclusion. Thumb sucking children must undergo psychological and dental treatment.


Gap between adjacent teeth is called diastema. It is a hereditary condition but can also appear due to large labial frenulum, tongue thrusting, gum disease or disproportionately large jaw.

Supernumerary teeth

Hyperdontia means having extra teeth in the mouth. The supernumerary teeth can erupt normally, remain impacted or cause teeth crowding. They can vary in shape and location.

Strawberry Tongue

Due to the enlargement of the fungiform papillae the tongue appears dotted with raised papillae. This oral condition is called a strawberry tongue.

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