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Cephalometric tracing and landmarks

List of the cephalometric landmarks, planes and angles. How to assess the jaw relation and growth using the Frankfort Plane, Mandibular and Maxillary plane.

Orthodontic headgear

The orthodontic headgear is a dental appliance that modifies the jaw growth and is used for treating jaw relation discrepancies.

Cephalometric analysis

The cephalometry is used by orthodontists to evaluate the relationship between the skeletal structures, jaws, teeth and soft tissues.

What is the difference between dental tape and dental floss?

Dental floss is a thin cord comprising of filaments while the dental tape has a flat surface that slides easily in between the teeth. The dental tape does not snap or harshly strike the gums the way dental floss does.

How to recognize the tongue tie ?

Tongue tie is also known as anchored tongue or ankyloglossia. People with such condition have shorter and thicker lingual frenulum and decreased tongue mobility.

Apicoectomy procedure explained

Apicoecomy is a dental surgical procedure consisting of root resection and removing the apical part of the infected tooth. It helps eradicating the abscess and the infected root canal filling.

Pulp vitality test

Pulp vitality testing is a way to diagnose the condition of the dental pulp. The test can be carried out by applying low temperature, high temperature or electric stimulus.

What is tongue thrust and why is it a problem?

Tongue thrust, also known as reverse swallow or immature swallow, is an abnormal habit in which the tongue protrudes and stays in between the upper and lower incisors during swallowing.

Oral Galvanism

Oral galvanism is also known as dental galvanism or electrogalvanism. It appears in patients with different metal restorations where saliva serves as a conductor and ion exchange is at present. The different electrical potentials and the conductor supply an environment for creating mild electricity in the oral cavity.

Medusa piercing

The philtrum piercing is also known as a medusa piercing. It is positioned in the philtrum, just above the upper lip.

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