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Dentist average salary in USA

A general dentist in USA will get a salary of about $164,570 which is $79/hour. On average the highest salary is around $229,040, the lowest $59,990.

Email marketing as a tool to market your dental practice

Marketing your dental practice through emails is highly effective and economical. It provides quicker patient visibility, minimal investment and maximum returns.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure which includes cleaning and shaping of the root canal system and obturating it with a root filling material.

What is the difference between DDS and DMD dentist

What is DDS and DMD? They both mean the same thing, we will tell you why.

How to Get More Facebook Reviews for Your Dental Practice

Looking for a way to increase the number of your Facebook reviews? Here are some tips for you.

What causes bad breath?

Main reasons for having a bad breath are alcohol consumption, failing to brush and floss regularly, dry mouth, smoking and dehydration.

Masseter Muscle

Anatomy of the masseter muscle. Muscle fiber orientation and function of the jaw-closing muscle

Tooth Extraction Aftercare

Post extraction care. Instructions after tooth extraction. Patient leaflet - what to do and what not to do after a tooth removal and sinus lift procedure.

Mixed Dentition

When do the teeth erupt from the 6th to the 12th year? Variations in the order of eruption of the permanent teeth in the mixed dentition. Creating space for the eruption of the permanent teeth

Primary Dentition

When do the teeth erupt from the first to the 5th year? Relation and characteristics of the teeth in the primary dentition. What is a mesial step, a distal step and primate spaces?

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