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Dr. Mohamed A. Mady - Dentagama collaborator in Egypt

The Dentagama collaborator network has gained a new member - Dr. Mohamed A. Mady from Egypt

Euro Mediterranean Congress

Euro Mediterranean Congress, October 2013, Program & courses

SENAME Congress Program

Program of the SENAME congress 2013

Gingival Hyperplasia

What is a gingival hyperplasia? Causes, treatment and differential diagnosis of gingival hyperplasia

Tunisia-IADR program

Tunisia-IADR is the first section of the International Association for Dental Research in the Maghreb and French-speaking African countries

IADR Call for Abstracts

IADR Submission facts, topics and contact information

Dental congress in Tunisia IADR

First annual meeting 15-16 November 2013, Monastir, Tunisia

The 10th congress of SENAME

The 10th congress of SENAME - South European North African Middle Eastern and Modern Dentistry Association

Anaphylactic shock

What is an anaphylactic shock? How to treat anaphylaxis, differential diagnosis and symptoms of the anaphylactic shock.

Dr. Mayada Jemâa - Dentagama collaborator in Tunisia

The Dentagama family has increased with an additional member - Dr. Mayada Jemâa is the official Dentagama representative for Tunisia

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