What is worse smoking or vaping

July 23, 2019, Grover Dental Clinic

Cigarette is the old classic way of smoking, and inhaling nicotine which makes one addictive to itself. While, vaping is an E cigarette that heats the liquid and turns them into vapours. With this world of automation, cigarettes have automated and modernised too. They are similar to cigarettes and satisfy one's craving, however are slightly different to each other. Vaping is been into fashion and has turned as a trend.

Both are similar to each other as they allow the inhaling of nicotine and exhaling the smoke which is unhealthy and unhygienic. It cannot be stated that any of them is beneficial to an individual as they are not, whereas according to researchers, vaping is considered to be 95% better than smoking which ultimately makes smoking worse than vaping.

Comparing both of these, and knowing about that 95% vaping is better, it can be said that vaping brings one to a healthier and smoke free lifestyle. Even if not completely, it is the first step towards a healthy life.  It is free of combustion , tar and ash which makes it better than smoking a cigarette; whereas it has several different flavours for the coils that produces an aroma and helps attracting people to it, especially the youngsters. Switching on to this can lead to better skin and health, even a person's lungs will have more capacity to breathe and work.

Smoking involves high level of nicotine, which is inhaled by an individual. It do not allows to vary or change the level of nicotine, whereas the E liquids used in vaping comes in a variety of ranges which are includes nicotine free ones, one with low nicotine and keeps on carrying. This provides choice to the consumers to reduce or inhale the amount of nicotine they want, or if they completely want them free from this addictive thing.

While one smoke, they are not just harming their body but equally harming the surrounding with the hazardous gas and smoke they exhale. If we look at vaping on the other hand, it do not produce any noxious smell or odour that bothers the people around, while produces aroma of the flavours added to it. This is one major thing that distinguishes vaping and smoking; makes smoking a worse option compare to vaping. Not only this, but vaping also leads to the control of the vapour output. There are several vaping devices which varies from people to people. The device like vaping pods can be used to exhale less amount of vapours. The  coils are also used by an individual which makes it more convenient deciding the amount of nicotine and smoke. It can be high or low, depends on what satisfies the craving of an individual.  These devices enables to control the vapours out, which a cigarette do not offers.

For a cigarette, an individual needs to know how to exhale and inhale it; especially people using it for the first time. These vaping kits and devices do not require any experience and can be used easily by the starter kits and vape mod kits that have been provided.  Even applications have been developed to ease their customers, with the increasing trend it is going through. However, all vaping devices cannot be used with no experience.  There are high level ones which needs assistance and help to operate.

By referring to all these, it can be concluded that vaping is a much better option than to smoking. I’d someone is planning to quit smoking, vaping can be the start of it. It can lead to a healthy and healthy lifestyle. While, it can never be said that vaping has no cons. All things have pros and cons, so does vaping. It is an electronic gadget, which makes it obvious that it is not as cheap as a cigarette is. Everyone might not afford it, even if it is available in all ranges. These device do not last for all, it contains E liquids that needs to be bought again and again which adds an extra amount that constantly needs to be purchased like all other consumable products. Those E liquids needs to replenished again. It also have side effects as exhaled the vapour out. One must leave the habit of smoking or vaping as soon as possible, but directly quitting might be difficult which makes vaping a better option than smoking cigarettes.


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