Disposable Bouffant Caps

January 31, 2021, Grover Dental Clinic

A disposable bouffant cap can be put on quickly and easily and, in combination with the reusable hood: it is a component of many garment concepts. The caps are laid flat on top of each other to prevent fiber breakage. The last thing a consumer wants to find in their food or pharmaceutical product is human hair and for this reason hygienic work environments are critical to businesses that make or package consumer food products, pharmaceuticals, assemble electronics or treat patients.

Hospitals need to keep wounds free from infection and factories can't afford production shut downs or product recalls because of human contamination so many seek relief by implementing disposable bouffant hair caps for their production workers. Disposable Bouffant caps lightweight and comfortable to wear, they are inexpensive, simple to use and provide effective protection against product contamination.  Bouffant caps or hair caps also keep an individual hair out of their eyes when working and this increases productivity.Bouffant caps differ from hair nets. Hair nets are made of nylon or polyester mesh material and are designed to stretch over the head and mat down the hair but if you look at one closely, you will notice a webbing effect. The webbing has openings or aperture which could inadvertently allow hair to pass through where as a bouffant cap is made from a layer of fabric free from apertures. Another difference between a hair net and bouffant cap is that a hair net is a little one when worn whereas a bouffant cap stands right out making it easier for compliance checks. Bouffant caps also present a clean look-n-feel to guests who might visit the plant for a tour at http://harmonycr.com/.

MDS Associates offers a variety of disposable bouffant caps for a wide variety of job tasks. They provide sanitary protection for cleaner work environments, eliminate cross-contamination and keep hair out of an individual's face and eyes when working.

Our bouffant covers are available in different fabrics, colors and in sizes such as 18-inch, 21-inch, 24-inch or 28-inch which is ideal for anyone with 'big hair'. Every head cap is made with a comfortable latex-free elastic gathering that keeps the bouffant in place and hair tucked in. To help you select which bouffant style cap you need, below is some general information:

Bouffant caps are very useful in many services like in kitchen, in hospital and for serving food to other persons. Implementation of disposable caps in hospitals, factories, industries, and food serving places is very simple and easiest to wear. Many people are very comfortable with bouffant caps.


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