Pregnant Learn Why You Need Additional Dental Care

February 13, 2018, Cosmetic Dentistry

Pregnant Learn Why You Need Additional Dental Care
Pregnant Learn Why You Need Additional Dental Care
Pregnancy is a time when most women will strive to be in the best possible health. It is not uncommon for a pregnant woman to visit her doctor and gynecologist or obstetrician in preparation for pregnancy. However part of these preparations should include a visit to your dentist at the CosmeticDentistryCenter.

Not every pregnant woman is aware of the effect oral health can have on the unborn child, and to the dental health of the mother. Some pregnant women struggle to maintain good dental health during pregnancy as their efforts may be hampered by bouts of morning sickness and the physical demands of coping with being pregnant. One of the major concerns during pregnancy is the development of a condition called pregnancy gingivitis.

Why Pregnant Woman Need Additional Dental Care
Once upon a time gingivitis was thought to be confined to the gum tissues, but recent research has shown bacteria associated with this disease can also be involved with other systemic diseases which include diabetes, heart attacks and cardiovascular diseases. Even more worryingly it’s been shown oral bacteria and their products have the ability to cross the placenta, an organ that is extremely important for transferring nutrients that help promote the growth and development of an unborn baby. The passage of these bacteria could affect the fetus and may ultimately result in a premature delivery, a condition that is also associated with low birth weight.

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