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October 18, 2018, Dentbay

Dental clinic is easy with Dentbay
Dental clinic is easy with Dentbay
Dentbay has recently its international dental store in USA. By now the dentist's can enjoy the affordable dentistry around the world and can purchase the latest technological dental products.

The company’s platform enables dentists to purchase dental supplies, equipment, products and services over the Internet. It offers various dental consumable materials used by General dental practitioner as well as other specialized dental fraternity. provides a wide range of dental products which include endodontic products like files, composite, resins and dental cements.
Our prosthodontic catalogue include various impression materials, trays, waxes, artificial teeth, burs etc. Similarly other segments of dentistry like Orthodontics, Periodonics etcetera have a wide range of related products.
To help dentists to shop on a move, Dentbay has developed specialized mobile platform app which are available on google play store for android phones and on apple app-store for iPhone & iPad's. 
Our nationwide delivery capabilities, high-quality customer service support and scalable technology infrastructure enabled Dentbay to provide a compelling online shopping experience to its customers.  

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Cost effective dentistry with Dentbay USA. Shop on the go.

18 October 2018


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