Throbbing Tooth Pain
Throbbing Tooth Pain
Throbbing tooth pain can put you down for the count and make life unbearable. Whether the pain just began or is something that’s been building over days, you need to see your dentist in the Bronx as soon as possible for a diagnosis and treatment. Conditions such as infection can lead to even more drastic consequences. You’ve found a Saturday dentist in NYC; call as soon as you can and stop the throbbing pain.

Throbbing tooth pain is serious business because it’s so debilitating. A throbbing toothache can be some of the worst pain you’ll ever know. Severe throbbing tooth pain consumes your life and occupies most of your waking thoughts. It’s surprisingly difficult to focus on even the most normal, everyday tasks when you’re suffering with a toothache.

You’re entirely too busy to be decommissioned by a hurting tooth. You have things to do and people to meet. That’s why finding dentists open on Saturday may feel like a godsend. When the pain is excruciating, you need relief right away, no matter what day it happens to be. That’s why your dentist in the Bronx — a dentist open on Saturday, with Sunday dentist hours too — treats your throbbing tooth seriously.

Symptoms Worsen at Times

The throbbing or pumping sensation you feel is the result of inflammation and increased blood flow. You typically notice this to a larger degree when you try to lie down or recline. As your pain increases, you may experience additional symptoms:

  • Fever
  • Gum swelling
  • Headache
  • Discharge from your affected tooth

Your pain may be especially intense when you attempt to open your mouth. Throbbing tooth pain makes it impossible for you to achieve what you need to during your day and makes it even more difficult to rest at night. There are a couple potential sources of your pain, which a dentist open on Saturday and a dentist open on Sunday can diagnose and treat fairly quickly.


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