Treat Receding Gums

May 02, 2019, Liliana

Treat Receding Gums
Treat Receding Gums


How To Treat Receding Gums Naturally

Are you worried about gum recession? Well, you should be. It is a severe issue. The health of your gums and teeth may affect your overall health condition.


It is essential to take quick steps to deal with and stop further worsening.1st we should need to know the reasons behind it.

Poor dental health hygiene, gum disease, can be caused by:


Uncontrolled diabetes
Many systemic diseases (deficiencies, thyroid disorders, nutrient, etc.)
Various medications
Misaligned teeth


Treatment For Receding Gum Pain


Some other risk factors for gum disease include smoking and tobacco use and bleeding from the gums it pays to take remedial actions as soon as possible:


Longer teeth - It is difficult to see since the changes are progressive, but you can check the present length with old photos.

Color change on the gumline - You may see that your tooth crown and uncovered root may be in different colors.


Damaged gums - Your gums will be red and inflamed, especially on the margins.


Bleeding through the gums - Your gums may bleed if brushing teeth or biting into apples or some other hard foodstuff.

Food sensitivity - You have a sharp pain when consuming sweet, hot, cold, and also acidic meals and drinks.


Moving teeth - You may feel your teeth moving a bit.

The great news is that receding gums is curable with effective care. It’s time to now for home-care treatments to stop plaque and tartar build up.


Home Remedies To Treat Receding Gums

Here's the list of  three remedies that stop further receding gums:


Oil pulling with sesame oil or coconut oil

Take 1 Tbsp of these oils and swish for 12-15 mins regularly it may reduce the receding gum.


Sea  salt

Blend a small volume of Sea salt with a ½ cup of hot water. Swish this mixture intensely in your mouth. If you realize oil pulling is tough, sea salt and water mix shouldn't take to much effort.


Essential oils mix mouth-wash


Peppermint and spearmint are found effective in reducing gingivitis-causing bacteria. Mixing these types of essential oils with the carrier oil can help to improve your oral hygiene, and stop further gum disease.


And some final ideas about this issue. Everyone with receding gums must remember the many essential things ‘Keep Your mouth Clean’ regularly. Also, it's necessary to consume a healthy diet (fewer sugars, less starch, more fruit, and vegetables).




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