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DentalProTemps LLC

DentalProTemps LLCDentalProTemps LLC
DentalProTemps, LLC is THE MOST UNIQUE Dental Staffing Agency in North Carolina and soon to be South Carolina. Built from the ground up by Mary A. Smith, a 30 year veteran Hygienist, DPT is based on minimizing risk for the dental practice while providing the much needed protection of the temps that work through the company. Then, add a unique twist of self service and that comprises the building blocks and foundation of DPT. As an office with a key employee out or just needing extra help, you can trust DentalProTemps to make securing a qualified substitute as easy as it gets. Plus, you can be assured that the temp has been through a background check, that his/her certifications/licenses have been checked and verified, that all annual Bloodborne Pathogens, OSHA and Infection Control certificates are current, as well as their CPR. But, DPT then goes above and beyond to do payroll, provide professional liability and workman's compensation to make sure the dental office has as little risk as possible when using a DPT temp. And a dental temp never has to worry when they will be paid, as DPT pays their temps every week by direct deposit. And with workman's compensation and professional liability, they never have to worry about their protection. So, DentalProTemps provides a win win situation for both dental offices and dental temps. Call DPT today @ 336-688-8424 to discuss how they can help you and make life in dentistry as seamless as possible. You may also email them at

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Type: Dental company
Country: United States
Address: Jamestown , 719 Guilford Road
Telephone: 336-688-8424
Languages spoken: English

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6:00am - 6:00pm h.
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8:00am - 2:00pm h.
Closed except for - Emergencies h.
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