Dr. Mayada Jemâa - Dentagama collaborator in Tunisia

June 17, 2013

Dr. Mayada Jemâa, our Dentagama collaborator in Tunisia
Dr. Mayada Jemâa, our Dentagama collaborator in Tunisia

Dr. Mayada Jemâa is the official Dentagama collaborator in Tunisia. She is a doctor of dental medicine in the Tunisian Farhat Hached Hospital, highly engaged in dental medicine research, communications and publications.

 Work Experience       
 - Doctorate in Dental Medicine passed with distinction, most honourable with the jury’s congratulations and proposition for thesis award.
- Resident in Conservative Odontology.
- Winner of the first price in Young Podium International selection of SENAME/ ICOI Greece 2012
- Diplomate in oral implantology.
- Vice treasurer of the Tunisian Association of Gerodontology. ( ATG)
- Member of the committee of the STOS (Tunisian Society of Odonto-Stomatology)
- Member of the committee of the Tunisian Society of Restorative Odontology and Endodontics ( STORE)
- Member of the committee of ATORECD junior
- Member of the SENAME 2012

Participating in different Scientific publications
Medical prescriptions for pregnant women in dentistry ( Actualités Odonto- stomatologiques, N 253 Mars 2011)
Modern endodontics : rotary vs alternating movement, (Journal dentaire du Québec, volume 49 N 2, avril/Mai 2012
Esthetic management of Amelogenesis imperfecta: A clinical case report of two patients ( Actualités Tunisiennes d’ Odontologie,Vol 2, N1, avril 2012)
Keys for a good antibiotic prescription in dental medicine practice. (Essaydali, novembre 2010/ N117)
Impact of defective proximal restorations on the dental organ. (Actualités Tunisiennes d’Odontologie, N1, vol 1, octobre 2011)
The Esthetic anterior restoration  (Dental News,Vol XIX, Number III, 2012)
Post traumatic reimplantation of an anterior tooth : Actualités Tunisiennes d’odontology, Vol2, N°2, Octobre 2012)
Dentine hypersensitivity: Choice of an adequate therapy. (JOURNAL de l’Ordre des dentistes du Québec 7 Volume 50 no 1, FÉVRIER/mars 2013)
"Using Microabrasion and In-office bleaching to treat Fluorosis in permanent anterior teeth" ( accepted by Dental News et will be published)

Workshop facilitation
Different workshops about mechanised endodontics, composite resin stratification..       

Skilled speaker and facilitator. Presented communications on topics such as:
Bleaching of non-vital teeth: indications and operating protocol.
Bleaching of vital teeth: Which technique to opt for?
Resin composite stratification: what is new?
The apexification by the Mineral Trioxyde Aggregate MTA ®
Non-surgical treatment of a chronic cellulitis of dental origin misdiagnosed as a dermatological infection
SEM analysis of debris and smear layer removal after use of Revo S ®and CMA ® instruments
How to improve the irrigation in endodontic treatment?
Dentinal hypersensitivity : Therapeutic approaches
Modern endodontics : Rotary vs alternating movement
Fluorosis, phase 4 : A case study
Composite resin nanohybrides : Two clinical case studies
Implications of proximal restorations on the dental organ
Post traumatic dental reimplantation: A case study
Internal root resorption: A case study
Hereditary Amelogenesis imperfecta : Two clinical case studies
Scanning Electron Microscopy Analysis of RinsEndo system and conventional irrigation for debris and smear layer removal.
Endodontic surgery Failure
Importance of fuorotherapy for irradiated patients
Replacing a missing anterior tooth with a fiber reinforced composite
Resin composite diastema closure ….       

Social action
- Awareness campaign about dental hygiene instruction in the school environment.
- Social action in the elderly houses

Facebook Pages :

Esthetic Dentistry and Endodontics


Societe Tunisienne d'Odonto - Stomatologie STOS

Association Tunisienne de Gerodontologie ATG

For contacts:

Dr. Mayada Jemâa

Tel 216-96888820
[email protected]


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