Teeth Tattoos

October 25, 2014

Teeth Tattoos
Tooth Tattoo
Teeth Tattoo
Tattoo on a tooth

A somewhat new fashion has emerged in cosmetic dentistry which dates back to about 15 to 20 years. Not satisfied with just tooth whitening or smile makeovers, the young are now looking towards teeth tattoos. Body tattoos have long been in the vogue as an expression of individuality. Now teeth tattoos that look cool and trendy have become an additional mode of showing off your personality. Gone are the days when the only option for decorating your teeth was getting gold fillings or staining them with color.

The best part of getting tattoos on your teeth is that unlike body tattoos it is absolutely painless. As for the designs, you can get simple drawings or elaborate designs custom made especially for you. Some people opt for initials while others go for flowers, cartoon figures or logos. But when thinking of tattoo designs, simplicity is the key as it is going to be very small. Complex designs would not be very clear. Of course, these can be as colorful as you wish.

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Also described as “tatteeth”, tattoos on the teeth can either be temporary or permanent, as per the client’s wishes. Temporary tattoos are decals that eventually wear off with brushing. On the other hand, permanent teeth tattoos are actually designs etched on ceramic crowns by artists specializing in these. However, even these can be removed by the dentist with the help of a rubber wheel.

So which teeth are tattoos etched on more commonly? It again depends on the client’s wishes. If he or she wishes to flaunt it, then the front teeth are the ideal place. If the client wishes to keep it more personal, then it can also be made for premolars and the molars. In this case, however, people get to see them only when you pull back your lips to show them. Besides, they can be made on the tongue side or the cheek side of the tooth.

A question that comes into mind is whether it has any adverse effect on oral hygiene. As far as permanent tattoos are concerned, these are incorporated in the crown itself. Therefore, they do not need any special care, other than regular brushing and flossing, nor do they damage the teeth in any way. But for, temporary teeth tattoos, there is concern that there may be accumulation of plaque at the edges of the decals as these are stuck on the teeth. It is, therefore, advisable that it is checked periodically by your dentist.

If you want to get a tooth tattoo your dentist is the best person to guide you. You can have a permanent tattoo if you are going to have a dental crown or implant. Your dentist will send the measurement of the crown to a laboratory that specializes in teeth tattoos along with the design of your choice. Temporary teeth tattoos are also fixed in place by the dentist as you need special non-toxic water resistant glue that will attach the decal to the tooth.

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Teeth tattoos have emerged our a new “fashion trend” that are all the rage — you know, in certain circles. It is getting even more popular as there are no side effects of dental tattoos, until and unless you are putting in something which is not recommended.

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