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DentaGama is a dental social network featuring dentist reviews and testimonials. Here you can find the right dentist, get to know his qualifications, location and rating. With the help of our dental network it will be easy to contact the right specialist no matter which part of the world you live in. In the gallery section you can have a glance at the clinic’s atmosphere and get to know the work process. The clinical cases are also tempting to look at, just to know what results to expect.  

Our rating system will help you get an idea on the patients feedback. Reviews are a substantial part of a dental reputation so we have tried to stress the importance of it. Check out our testimonial section for more patient reviews.


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Temecula Ridge Dentistry

Make Temecula Ridge Dentistry your Orthodontist in Murrieta, Lake Elsinore, Winchester and Temecula. Straighten your teeth the natural way with Invisalign Clear braces. Call today to schedule an ap ...

United States, Temecula, 41530 Enterprise Cir S #119, (951)296-9505


DocMate reduces patient leakage by letting doctors fill in last minute appointments. Access is one key reason patients seek out alternate doctors and practices. Giving patients real-time, 24/7 acce ...

United States, Orange, 307 E Chapman Ave, 8885085778

Sun Dental Care

We area team of dentist in Markham offer services such as dental implants, root canal treatment, wisdom teeth extractions, Crowns and Bridges, Dental Fillings, teeth whitening, Complete and Partial ...

Canada, Markham, 7595 Markham Road, Unit #11 Across Costco/Markham Rd & 14th Ave , 905-294-0123


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Bought it last 3 months, works perfectly with my Invisalign aligners

15 October 2016
Modern Arch LLC Please copy and paste in your browser to reveal your next favorite supplier!

04 October 2016
Dental Associates of Arlington

I came to Dr. Vora for a second opinion and really liked her, so switched immediately. I came to her as she has some of the best dentist reviews online. Dr. Vora is very professional, thorough and has all the qualities of a great dentist. I never felt like I am being sold on any of the procedures. I liked that Dr. Vora lays out all possible treatment options in front of you, tells you pros and cons of each of them and it is really up to you which option you choose. Before I came to Dr. Vora I always felt like my previous dentist tried to find stuff that just wasn't there and was very interested in doing procedures like crowns and implants when there was no need for them. If you are looking for a trustworthy dentist, then this is your place.

10 September 2016

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