PRF BOX Stainless Steel

23 March 2016, Medical Design Sialkot

Material : AISI 304 Stainless Steel
Weight : 630 grams
Size : 7
PRF(PLATELET RICH FIBRIN) Cassette for processing Autologous growth factors concenntrates and to obtain membranes, plugs and PRF exudate for hydration of bone grafts and membranes. Highest quality stainless steel instruments. Important instruments For high quality membranes and constant thickness. All Dental Instruments Availabe at wholesale prices.

With your best wishes, We feel much pleasure in introducing our selves to your esteemed house as one of the prominent self-manufacturers of Dental Implants, Tooth Extracting Forceps,Root Elevators,Scalpel Handles, Mirror Handles, Mouth Mirrors, Scalers, Explorer/Probes,Endodontic Condensers, Obturation Instruments, Excavators, Explorer/Probes, Amalgam Pluggers/Condencers, Burnishers, Wax Carvers, Carvers, Chisels, Compsite Placement, Plastic Filling Instruments, Curettes, Gracey Curettes, Dental Products, Crown Removers, Crown Instruments, Implants & Measuring Instruments, Amalgam Guns & Carriers, Retainers, Bands, Strip Holders, Napkin Holders, Rubber Dam Instruments, Rubber Dam Clamps, Syringes, Tweezers, Sterilizing & Lab Instruments, Endodontic Forceps, Tissue Forceps, Haemostatic Forceps, Towel Clamps, Orthodontic Pliers & Cutters, Rongeurs, Needle Holers, Scissors, Micro Surgery Set, Impression Trays, Articulators, Hollo Wares, Scissors, Dissecting Forceps, Needle Holders, Wire Cutting Pliers With Tungsten Carbide Inserts.


Medical Design is a well reputed name, committed to this profession and can be relied upon for its very fair dealings, the workmanship and the skill it has and at the top the speedy and in time service it renders. We assure you that you shall never regret having business relation with Medical Design. 


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