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Apsley Bespoke TailorsApsley Bespoke Tailors
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Apsley Bespoke Tailors description

Apsley Bespoke Tailors in USA for made to order suits, best bespoke suits, custom tailored shirt, custom tailored clothing in USA. Dry clean your best bespoke suits as infrequently as possible ie. only when their physically dirty from spills or sweat. Dry cleaning is a chemical wash that slowly erodes fabric – essentially scraping away the surface layer. If the garment simply needs a refresher, have it steamed or pressed - which is much cheaper than dry cleaning and effectively cleans it using heat and steam anyway.

About Apsley Bespoke Tailors

Type: Dental company
Languages spoken: English

Dental services

  • Bespoke Tailors Hongkong

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Country: United States
Address: Los Angeles, kowloon road
Telephone: +852 2366 6612

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United States
22 Mill Street, Suite 104, MA


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