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As teeth are one of the first things we notice about a person, it's worth looking after your smile. Visiting a good dentist is the ideal way to ensure that your mouth and teeth stay healthy and attractive. That's why, at “Ratan’s Dental”, our dental teams are selected from the highest quality practitioners with expertise in all areas of dentistry.

At any one of our clinics you'll be greeted by qualified dentists and state-of-the-art technology, carefully selected to offer you the very best dental care.
Ensure your teeth get the treatment they deserve.

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Type: Dental clinic
Languages spoken: English Bengali

Dental services

  • Root Canal
  • Orthodentist

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Country: Bangladesh
Address: Dhaka, 6th floor, Navana Tower, Bir Uttam AK Khandakar Rd
Telephone: +880 2-8813955

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When you would like to have orthodontics work done in Edmonton, or need to visit an emergency dentist, which of the local offices or clinics can you visit to have these, and any other type of dental work you would like to have done on site? Do you want to visit a specialist to have your emergency dental work and care done? Do the offices have the right equipment and dental tools on site to do all emergency work when you come in for a visit? Do you need to visit local orthodontics in Edmonton for you to straighten out the smile or are you taking your child in to have work done? Depending on the age of the patient, the work you wish to have done, and what type of care or treatment plan options you are considering, you are going to find that more than one local office or clinic is going to be able to accommodate you as a new patient. So, taking the time to visit a few of these offices, l


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Due to the fact that there are several local offices or clinics you can choose to visit for veneers in north Vancouver, or for teeth whitening clinic services, you have to take the time to consider several of these prior to deciding on the one you will go to for care. In addition to learning about the type of work they can do on site in the teeth whitening clinic, or how they are going to do the work when you are having veneers placed in north Vancouver, you have to find the offices that are properly equipped to do the work, as well. Do they have the right equipment for laser or zoom whitening? Are they going to use the latest methods in the industry to take care of the whitening work, or to do additional work if you are going to have major cosmetic care done on site? It is important to know you are going to be having the work done in an office or clinic that is properly equipped; so


What Do You Need To Know About Cosmetic DentistryWhat Do You Need To Know About Cosmetic Dentistry

When it comes to discussing cosmetic dentistry in Grande Prairie, there are some vital aspects that must be taken into consideration. Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that focuses on enhancing the appearance of your teeth through whitening, closing spaces, and shaping. A professional cosmetic dental professional can help make your teeth look more aesthetically pleasing.  If you are looking to undergo a cosmetic treatment, then it is very important to pick a dentist who has good experience and expertise to produce the best possible results. You need to undertake extensive research in finding the right person for the job. Here are a few aspects to keep in mind to ensure that you select the best cosmetic dentist near you: Before searching for a dental professional, you must first determine which type of dental procedure you are looking for. Are you looking to get


What You Need To Know When Looking For a Dental Surgeon In BurlingtonWhat You Need To Know When Looking For a Dental Surgeon In Burlington

Time and again, one is faced with the need to seek dental services. It is advisable to plan and visit Burlington periodonticsproviders often, to be advised on preventive measures and general healthy dental care. You may, however, need to book a Burlington dental surgeryappointment with a specialist. Periodontists specialize in diagnosis, prevention and treatment of oral inflammations. Burlington periodontics providers, like every other practitioner around the world, should be professionals registered under credible medical boards. Other services that Burlington dental surgery specialists may be offering besides periodontic are: orthodontic, apicoectonomy, oral and maxillofacial, prosthodontics and endodontic surgeries. It may be difficult to make the right judgment when in pain or on need of urgent dental attention, you may therefore need to establish a credible Burlinghton dental


Finding A Good Emergency Dentist in EdmontonFinding A Good Emergency Dentist in Edmonton

When it comes to finding a good emergency dentist in Edmonton, there are a few essential aspects that should be taken into consideration. Dental emergencies can happen at any time, so having the assistance of an emergency dental professional is very important. Finding the right dental professional can be a daunting experience, as there are endless amounts of options to explore and consider. However, there are certain ways you can use to hire the most reputable dentist in your area. Following are the points to keep in mind when looking for a dental professional who offers emergency services: When looking for a quality emergency dentist, the first thing you should do is to run a thorough background check on the dentist’s qualifications and past experience. Qualification of a dentist is always an important aspect to consider, no matter what kind of a dentist you are hiring. Mos


How To Choose The Best Dentist In PickeringHow To Choose The Best Dentist In Pickering

When it comes to choosing the best dentist, there are plenty of things that must be considered. As there are so many dental professionals practicing in the field, knowing which doctor to choose for your specific requirements can turn out to be a challenging task, especially if you are not well prepared to conduct independent research. However, if you can follow some basic rules of selection, then you will be able to pick the right type of dentist in your area. Following are the tips and suggestions that you must consider when hiring a best dentist: Just like choosing any other professional or contractor, the first thing you need to consider is whether or not your prospective dental professional is experienced. Preferably, your chosen dentist needs to have been in practice for at-least five years. There are various reasons that you should opt for an experienced dental professional.


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Local denture clinics in Calgary can do a wide range of work; from having the denturist in Calgary fit you for full or partial dentures, to doing bonding work, to fixing the sealing, or doing repair work, taking the time to find the top local denture clinics in Calgary will ensure you are seen by the top professionals. In addition to this, when you do take the time to visit a few clinics, not only do you get to meet with the denturist in Calgary in each of the offices, you can also ask about the work they do, their specialization, find out what type of care they generally do, and you can determine which of the offices are best equipped for all care and work you need to have done as a patient. As a new patient, you not only want to be seen by a specialist with many years of experience, you want to be certain that they will use the latest treatment techniques and methods to do the dentu


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A professional dental clinic in Grande Prairie is not only going to have the top team of family dentists, but is also going to have the specialists on site to do the work you require as a new patient. You want to go to a family dentist office with general, cosmetic, paediatric, emergency, and other specialists on site; this not only ensures any and all care is going to be done by fully licensed pros, but also ensures that any work a patient needs to have done, is going to be done properly on site by that team of pros, as well. Further, in comparing the local offices and dental clinics in Grande Prairie, you have to make sure they are properly equipped. In the event you require the use of a sedative, do they have a sedation expert on site, and proper equipment to administer it? Do they have the right computer equipment, dental tools, and latest equipment for new whitening work to be do


Consider hiring an experienced sedation dentist in Prince George for any dental implants Consider hiring an experienced sedation dentist in Prince George for any dental implants

Even though some dental procedures are painless, the thought of what is being done to your teeth or gums may chill you. Children, for instance, have a tendency to view every little procedure in a picturesque way, even though they might not have seen what happened. This habit at times influences their perception of dentists, so that they might refrain from future dentist visits. To cater for these fearsome children, you need to arrange an appointment with a sedation dentist in Prince George. While you might ask your paediatric dentist to treat your child, there are different experiences that result from sedation dentist services. They are as listed below. - Helps a child to be comfortable and relax while being attended to. - Ensures fearsome and stubborn children are at ease in the dentist's chair. - Aids in taking away any anxiety a child may he having - Enables a child to


Denture clinic in Spruce GroveDenture clinic in Spruce Grove

If you need to have denture relines in Spruce Grove, need general denture services, repair, cleaning, bonding, or any other sealing work done, which denturist should you visit? Of course you need to go to a clinic or an office that has a fully licensed and certified denturist on site; with this in mind, you also have to consider the type of denture relines in Spruce Grove they can perform on site. Further, if you need general denture services done, bonding work, are going to have full or partial molds made, or need any other repair or cleaning work done, you want to know your denture care is in the best hands. By taking the time to visit a few local denture clinics, not only can you meet with the staff that is going to be performing the work, you can ask questions about the work. You can learn about the methods, as well as techniques they are going to use when doing work on site. You


Tidbits about oral surgeons in Winnipeg who are familiar with dentistry for children Tidbits about oral surgeons in Winnipeg who are familiar with dentistry for children

Have you visited a dentist and got a "It is beyond my practice" for a reply? Well, it might shutter and crush your spirit. One reason for getting discouraged is that you trusted your dentist so much that you thought nothing is beyond their strength or knowledge. A top service that normal dentists do not offer is oral surgery. Finding an oral surgeon in Winnipeg is kind of difficult when you look for them on your own. Not only that, but oral surgeons who specialize in dentistry for children are rare to find. However, there is an easy way to locate a professional surgeon for any dental aliment. Have a look at the following recommendations. Dentist recommendation Your dentist is the only reliable resource for information when it comes to finding professionals. Any top dentist is affiliated to the best clinics and hospitals, from which they constantly trade referrals. So


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If you are searching for the best dentists in Medicine Hat, which offices should you visit? Do you need to see local dentists in Medicine Hat for general dentistry? Are you going to visit a cosmetic dentist to place veneers, to seal a missing tooth, to do whitening work, or for any other cosmetic service needs? Or, are you considering braces and want to meet with an orthodontic professional? Regardless of which of these dentists, or other specialist you need to see, when the time comes to choose the offices or local dental clinic to visit for your dental care needs, you have to make sure they have the right team in place. From the top cosmetic dentists, to sedation dentists, emergency dentists, and general dentists, knowing the offices have these and other specialists on site at all times, is the only way to ensure you are always going to be seen by a qualified staff. This way, you ca


Looking For A Good Children's Dentist in CalgaryLooking For A Good Children's Dentist in Calgary

When it comes to choosing the right children’s dentist in Calgary SE, there are some vital aspects that should be taken into consideration. Dental emergencies are rare, but it is hard to avoid them. It is important for you to know what kind of dental emergencies require this type of care. An emergency dentist can offer the necessary treatment to resolve the problem safely and quickly. Following are some of the dental emergencies that might need immediate treatment: One of the most common reasons that people need emergency dental services is a constant toothache, or periapical periodontitis. This kind of toothache is spontaneous, painful, restricted to one area, and can worsen when the patient bites something. The gum area around the affected area can also become painful. In such a scenario, an abscess could form that might lead to swelling of your face. This is an emergency


How to choose a reliable emergency dentist in St. Albert for your teeth whitening How to choose a reliable emergency dentist in St. Albert for your teeth whitening

Once in a while you might wake up in the middle of the night to nurse an aching tooth. At other times, your ailing gum may swell while at your place of work or during a party on a weekend. These and other related dental problems are known to be embarrassing and demoralizing to any individual. To cater for such abrupt dental ailments, you should have an emergency dentist in St. Albert whom to look up to when in such situations. However, it is not easy to find an emergency dentist within a short time. In a bid to educate you on the best quick-fix to find an emergency dentist, below is a series of steps to consider. Actually, you might practice them within 10 to 20 minutes. Check for reputation Do you know a slight malpractice may have you toothless? Yes. Do not gamble your teeth with a faulty dentist. Even when in dire need of an emergency dentist, consider doing a quick check on


Choosing The Best Family Dentist in Your Area Choosing The Best Family Dentist in Your Area

When it comes to choosing a good family dentist in Burlington, there are some important aspects that should be taken into consideration. With so many dentists practicing out there, finding the right doctor can turn out to be a daunting experience. But if you can follow a few tips and suggestions, you can manage to locate the best dentist near you. Read on to explore various tips on how you can hire a good dentist in your area. Experience is often the most important factor to consider when looking for a good family dentist in Burlington. Not only does an experienced dentist know how to handle different complicated procedures, but he or she is fully aware of the steps that need to be taken to satisfy the specific requirements of a patient. Ideally speaking, your chosen dentist should have at least five years of practical experience in the area that you are hiring him or her for.&nbs


Choosing The Best Dentist In London OntarioChoosing The Best Dentist In London Ontario

When it comes to finding the best dentists in London, Ontario, there are some important aspects that should be taken into consideration. Visiting a dentist’s office may be a routine for some people, and for many others, it can be a scary experience. That is why a dental professional is required to undergo extensive training in the field of dentistry to identify various dental issues and to fix them. Moreover, a professional dentist must have the empathy to make those feel comfortable who visit his or her office or clinic. Let’s explore some of the qualities and features that a good dentist should have. First, you must look into his or her educational background. A dentist who has acquired specialized knowledge, training, and skills in dentistry will be able to identify the problems and resolve them. You need to ensure that he or she clearly knows how to carry out the d


Let a qualified prosthodontist in Victoria BC do your denture implants Let a qualified prosthodontist in Victoria BC do your denture implants

Once in a while, you might need to have a dental implant done. Victoria, BC is home to many dental practitioners who have clinics on various streets. To get the best, consider narrowing your options down to a prosthodontist. While it might be a new thing to many, such professionals do exist. In a nutshell, a prosthodontist is a specialized dentist whose focus is on conducting cosmetic dentistry, putting in denture implants, bridges and crowns. More complicated tasks that this professional can do include attending to temporomandibular joint disorders. Is it advisable to seek the services of a prosthodontist in Victoria, BC? Yes. Actually, they are the best people from which to seek implant services. The reason they are considered best is due to their extensive experience in dentistry. Moreover, they have an advanced knowledge in modern tools are methods of practice. They also ha


Selecting The Right Orthodontist in Fort McMurraySelecting The Right Orthodontist in Fort McMurray

When it comes to choosing the right orthodontist, there are some vital aspects that must be taken into consideration. There are a number of orthodontists to choose from, and nowadays more and more dental professionals are offering their services for dental implants in Fort McMurray. If you are someone who is looking for a quality dentist in your area, chances are that you might be overwhelmed by the number of options that are available to you. Here are top five tips on how to choose the best orthodontic professional near you: Experience is one of the most important and relevant aspects to consider when looking for a good dental professional. Considering the fact that experienced dentists would have worked with plenty of patients in the past, all having different problems and concerns, they would be in a better position to offer the treatment that you are looking for. Also, they ha


How To Find The Best Orthodontist In CanadaHow To Find The Best Orthodontist In Canada

When choosing a good orthodontist in Winnipeg, there are some important things that must be taken into consideration. If you feel like you are in need of any orthodontic treatment, then you are not alone. Nowadays, a number of people in the US and Canada suffer from a variety of dental issues that need to be treated. Considering the fact that most of these treatments can be complicated, expensive, and may affect the wellbeing of an individual, it is imperative that you only hire the best orthodontist. Since there are so many options to choose from, people can often get confused and end up making the wrong choice, which might affect their health. Here are a few tips that could help you choose the best children’s orthodontist: When looking for a top quality orthodontist in Winnipeg, you need to check if the doctor has the necessary qualification, degrees, certification, and li


Factors to consider when looking for a professional paediatric dentist in Red Deer Factors to consider when looking for a professional paediatric dentist in Red Deer

In our everyday life, we expose our teeth to so many dangers. Once in a while we chew something sugary or brush our teeth the wrong way. For an adult, a second thought might linger in the mind, but children need special attention. It is recommended to hire a paediatric dentist in Red Deer, who will teach your children preventive methods, teeth maintenance and enlighten them about dental treatments. Is it necessary to hire a paediatric dentist? Like adults, children have similar dental problems, though they may differ both in physiology and anatomy. Their oral cavity is developing so they need special attention. Since it is a field they have specialized in, there are unique skills that differ from that of the general dentist. Actually, when attending to children, dentists take a specialized approach that gives you assurance that your child is being handled by the best. Due to te



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