When To Consider Sedation Is It Right For You

June 24, 2019, Aquila Dental

When To Consider Sedation Is It Right For You
When To Consider Sedation Is It Right For You

At Aquila Dental, we understand that dental appointments can be intimidating, whether it’s a filling or the placement of a dental crown. If you’re wondering whether sedation would be a good option for you during your upcoming visit, here are a few things to keep in mind:

who is a good candidate for sedation?
As long as you have good overall health and do not have any issues such as a history of drug abuse or any medical conditions that may make sedation dangerous, you can be sedated at Aquila Dental.

We offer laughing gas, which is ideal for minor procedures like fillings and helps reduce discomfort and anxiety. For more extensive dental procedures, such as tooth extraction or the placement of a dental implant, we offer a stronger oral sedative or IV sedation if you would prefer to sleep through your appointment.

is sedation available for every procedure?
Sedation dentistry can be used during any kind of appointment at Aquila Dental if you feel that it will make you more comfortable. By combining local anesthetics and sedation dentistry, the team at Aquila Dental can completely eliminate discomfort during your procedure. If you have dental anxiety and are nervous about an upcoming cleaning, don’t hesitate to ask us about your sedation options before your appointment.

when should i consider sedation?
The most common reason patients choose sedation is dental anxiety. By some estimates, going to the dentist makes more than 58.8% of people feel nervous. Sedation can help you feel more safe, relaxed, and comfortable if you have dental anxiety.

However, sedation can also be helpful for a number of other reasons, including:

A strong gag reflex – If your gag reflex is very sensitive or strong, sedation can help mitigate this issue and make it easier for Dr. Higgs to work around your rear teeth.
Fear of needles – Fear of needles is very common, and it can be difficult for Dr. Higgs to numb your mouth properly if you are very anxious and scared of needles. Sedation can help eliminate this fear and make it easier to numb your mouth.
Enhanced comfort during long procedures – Even if you’re not afraid of the dentist, sedation can make you feel more comfortable if you’re undergoing multiple procedures, such as having several fillings placed.
contact us today for sedation dentistry in chandler
At Aquila Dental, Dr. Higgs focuses on ensuring the comfort of each and every patient. Whether you have dental anxiety or are interested in sedation for any other reason, our team is always here to provide caring, patient-focused dentistry. For more information or to schedule a consultation, give us a call at (480) 428-3935, or feel free to stop by our office in person at 3175 S Price Road, Suite 140, Chandler, AZ 85248.


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