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DentaGama is a dental social network featuring dentist reviews and testimonials. Here you can find the right dentist, get to know his qualifications, location and rating. With the help of our dental network it will be easy to contact the right specialist no matter which part of the world you live in. In the gallery section you can have a glance at the clinic’s atmosphere and get to know the work process. The clinical cases are also tempting to look at, just to know what results to expect.  

Our rating system will help you get an idea on the patients feedback. Reviews are a substantial part of a dental reputation so we have tried to stress the importance of it. Check out our testimonial section for more patient reviews.

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United States, Edison, 4512 Legacy Dr #100, Edison, NJ 08837, United States, 8889980077

Dr. Kallas Dental Center Falls Church

Are you searching for an experienced and reliable kid dentist in Northern Virginia or the greater Washington, D.C. area? When you want quality, comfortable dental care, come to our office at Dr. Ka ...

United States, Falls Church, VA, 5659 Columbia Pike, Suite 100 , (703) 417-9840

Dr. Kallas Dental Center

Are you searching for an experienced and reliable kid dentist in Northern Virginia or the greater Washington, D.C. area? When you want quality, comfortable dental care, come to our office at Dr. Ka ...

United States, Tysons Corner, VA, 10-A Old Courthouse Road , (703) 356-0250


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Dr Anthony Mobasser Celebrity Dentist

I have only had good experiences with Dr. Anthony Mobasser.He is pleasant, technically advanced as dentists go and he does the work with a speed that no other dentist has ever matched. I don't mind going to the dentist, all work done has been painless, but who wants to sit in a dentist's chair longer than necessary. Dr. Anthony Mobasser does the work properly in record time. I would recommend him for his technical skills to anyone and besides that, he's a nice guy to talk to, because it is easy to see that he not only cares, but takes pride in his work ethic. That's something we should see more of.

Dr Anthony Mobasser Celebrity Dentist

Dr. Anthony Mobasser is my hero! – Dr. Mobasser has completed dental work on 3 out of 4 of my family members including me this past year. The experience was as pleasant as a dental visit can be. I am a baby when it comes to the drill and shots, but my injection was painless and he and his assistant work so well together. It was over without event before I knew it. My husband and my brother had equally good experiences. Dr. Mobasser is so consciencious and his integrity sets him apart from other dentists. He wants his work done right and he stands by his work. His conservative approach is refreshing. I've known Dr. Anthony Mobasser since 2009 and he has always stayed up with the latest research and study results in dentistry and his equipment is state of the art. He has an artists eye with an engineers mind when it comes to cosmetic dentistry I have met patients that traveled long distances to come to his office for his expertise.Highly recommended!!


Absolutely the best dentist ever! The procedure was completely painless and dr. Pavlovic is very professional and caring. I would recommend him anytime.


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300, E Royal Lane, Suite 127

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