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Capstone Dental

Modern, gentle and affordable family Dentist in Seven Hills. No Gaps check up and clean offers. Open 7 days Online Appointments available! ...

Australia, Seven Hills, Shop 55 Seven Hills Plaza, 224 Prospect Highway Seven Hills NSW 2147 , +61286051696

Mann Family Dental

Comprehensive dental care in a caring and relaxed environment. In our dental office at Mann Family Dental, we have been providing general, family, and cosmetic dentistry for over 20 years. During t ...

United States, Manchester, 9 Roosevelt Street, (603) 625-9823

 Nanda Orthodontics

At Nanda orthodontics we are dedicated to your oral health and helping you have a beautiful, healthy smile that will last a lifetime. We use the latest, state of the art technology and always striv ...

United States, Edmond, 17200 N May Ave Suite 300, (405) 330-9911


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Tasty Clean

Excellent all natural product that is great for disinfecting any removable oral appliance. Also, pacifiers, toys, sippy cups, etc.

Dr. Hamed Hakimi und Dr. Dana Anastasiu

one of my front teeth was decayed and the crown fell off. Dr. Hakimi removed the tooth at the same appointment and placed an implant. I got a temporary crown and need to go back in few months time. He is great, never received that kind of service before. thanks to to the practice

Dento Egypt Clinic

outstanding performance


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It is easy to take for granted things the human body does on autopilot. Most people do not have to worry about how their facial muscles work. They can easily enjoy a meal, drink with friends, speak ...

The term ‘hot tooth’ in dentistry represents a condition of inflamed tooth pulp. This can be due to extensive tooth decay, periodontal (gum disease) complications or leaking old filling ...

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No more stinky, foul tasting appliances! Tasty Clean is the first of its kind flavored antibacterial spray that is chemical-free and safe to ingest. Made with food grade ingredients like apple cide

United States
9995 Monroe Dr. #113 Dallas, TX 75220
(855) 400-2369

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Everybody knows that acne is mostly a hormonal problem. This is why it is absolutely normal when you are in your puberty age since that’s when your whole hormonal system is rebuilt. It will t ...

Posted by Dentistry

There are several periods and cases when a woman’s oral cavity is especially vulnerable to dental diseases. Most of them are natural hormonal fluctuations that occur regularly in a woman&rsqu ...

Posted by Dentistry

Step 1: Not just a toothbrush: Dental floss and mouthwash Good oral hygiene is a basis that we don't need to remind you of. Cleaning your teeth at least in the morning and evening (after ea ...


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