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DentaGama is a dental social network featuring dentist reviews and testimonials. Here you can find the right dentist, get to know his qualifications, location and rating. With the help of our dental network it will be easy to contact the right specialist no matter which part of the world you live in. In the gallery section you can have a glance at the clinic’s atmosphere and get to know the work process. The clinical cases are also tempting to look at, just to know what results to expect.  

Our rating system will help you get an idea on the patients feedback. Reviews are a substantial part of a dental reputation so we have tried to stress the importance of it. Check out our testimonial section for more patient reviews.

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Stanford Dental James Stanford DDS

At Stanford Dental, we prioritize building relationships with patients and making sure you always feel comfortable. From the first visit, our team will thoroughly clean your teeth as well as take x ...

United States, Manchester, 663 Big Bend Road, (636) 256-3559

Dr. Lam Dentist

Looking for a new chinese dentist near you now? At the dental office of Dr. Lam, dentist in Vancouver, BC we are always accepting new patients. Our dentist in China town would be happy to keep your ...

Canada, Vancouver, 513 Main St, Suite 202 Vancouver, BC V6A 2V1, 604-256-3960

Ornella Orthodontics

At Ornella Orthodontics in Cincinnati, Ohio, 45242, we take care of your smile to the best of our ability. It is so important to us that all our patients feel a sense of belonging and welcoming in ...

United States, Cincinnati, 10535 Montgomery Rd #100, +1 513-268-5650


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Best Dental Store Dentbay

Very good dental supplies, cheapest cost and fast/free delivery.

Dr. Hamed Hakimi und Dr. Dana Anastasiu

A good dentist to visit if you are looking for dental care in Frankfurt main.


Like their service for dental practices.


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In the past lead aprons and thyroid shields were a standard for all dental x-rays, and for good reason. But with the adoption of digital radiographic imaging there is a significant reduction of har ...

We have put together a list of the dental practices in the world that are currently accepting Dentacoin as a payment method. Dentacoin (DCN) is a decentralized blockchain cryptocurrency designed fo ...

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Chirurgie Dentaire en Haiti - Clinique Dentaire Belvedere Belvedere Dental Clinic situé à Petion-ville (Port au Prince) Nous offrons un service premium de calibre international

Complexe Belvédère, Angle Rue Chavannes et Clerveaux, etage 6, Petion-Ville 1061
+50928 11 1213

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Find out Useful Teeth Whitening Ideas And Techniques Often it may be expensive and lots of issues to lighten your tooth. Even considering the variety of available options to those that want to ...

Today laminate veneers are a very popular way to solve cosmetic problems with your teeth. Veneers are porcelain plates that are attached to the surface of your teeth. They work especially well with ...

Posted by Dentistry

દાંતનો સડો એ શરદી પછી થતો સૌથી સામાન્ય રોગ છે. દાંતનો સડોએ મોઢામાં થતો મુખ્ય રોગ છે, જે દાંતના બહારી મજબુત પડ એવા ઈનેમલને ઓગાળીને દાંતને કાયમી નુકશાન પહોચાડે છે. જો તેની યોગ્ય સારવાર સમયસર ન થાય તો ...


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