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How CBD Can Help With Dental Anxiety

It is scientifically proven that CBD products reduce anxiety including fear of dentists and dental procedures

How do I floss around a bridge?

Flossing around dental bridge can be perfomed with floss threader and conventional floss or dental tape

Is nitrous oxide sedation safe?

Nitrous oxide sedation (laughing gas sedation) is a safe procedure for both children and adults

How Long Does It Take To Recover From A Tooth Implant?

Recovery from surgical stage of implant placement takes 7-10 days. But you can resume your daily activities at least 24 hours after getting your implant

Canalis Sinuosus – anatomy and variation

Canalis sinuosus is a canal in a bony channel of 1-2 mm diameter travelling from below the orbita and ending around the central and lateral incisor

Teeth blackening Ohaguro

Tooth blackening (called Ohaguro in Japan) is painting your teeth black with blackening agent. In some cultures, this tradition was carried out when the person reached puberty

Teeth makeup becomes trendy nowadays

Dental makeup include tooth paints and polishes, which change the color and appearance of teeth for a short period of time.

Tooth sharpening – what’s the point?

Tooth sharpening procedure involves filing down the teeth in order to make it pointy and sharp looking

5 Restoration Options For Severely Damaged Teeth

5 ways of restoring severely damaged teeth

What are the dangers of fluoride in toothpaste?

Fluoride in toothpaste cannot be dangerous if it's not swallowed by the child. Excessive fluoride intake on the other hand can cause fluorosis and it is dangerous

Why does my 4-year-old have so many cavities?

Your toddler's cavities can be due to improper diet, lack of brushing, improper toothbrushing techniques or dental conditions.

What are hummingbird flossers?

Hummingbird dental flosser is a device designed to floss in between the teeth

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