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What are clip on veneers?

Clip on veneers are a removable appliance that corrects the color and shape of your smile. They are also known as snap on veneers, clip in teeth or press on dental veneers.

The use of Graphene Oxide in dentistry

Graphene oxide slows down the growth of bacteria responsible for tooth decay and periodontal disease.

What is pulpotomy?

Pulpotomy removes the inflamed coronal part of the pulp and leaves the vital pulp in the root canal system. The tooth remains alive, which is much needed, especially for baby teeth.

Meridian tooth chart. Teeth to organs relationship

Meridian tooth charting represents the teeth to body relationship in detailed connections. It advocates that body parts are linked in meridians which correspond to specific teeth in your mouth.

What can Bulimia Nervosa do to your teeth?

Bulimic patients suffer from enamel erosion on the inner surface of the teeth. The dissolving of the enamel is due to induced vomiting and gastric acid effects.

Tips to stop hair loss with Regaine

Regaine is a medicament, which stops the hair loss and stimulates the hair follicles to encourage hair growth. Its active ingredient is called Minoxidil and comes in 2% or 5% solution.

What is the difference between gingivectomy and gingivoplasty?

Gingivoplasty is the reshaping and remoulding of gum tissue. Gingivectomy is surgical removal of infected gingivae around a periodontal pocket.

Everything about Bell’s Palsy

Bells Palsy is a condition of paralyzed facial nerve caused by viral infection. It effects the facial muscles on one side of the face and is also known as unilateral facial paralysis.

What is hot tooth? Tactics to numb hot teeth

Hot tooth syndrome is an emergency dental situation leading to severe or moderate pain. It can be described as a patient, sitting in the waiting room, sipping on a bottle of cold water to relieve the pain.

Why is salt water the best mouth rinse for dental surgery aftercare?

Salt water mouth rinse reduces inflammation and swelling after dental surgery.

The mystery of the Tooth Fairy - origins and traditions

Who is the Tooth Fairy and what does she do with our lost teeth? The history of the tooth fairy can be traced to an 18th-century French fairy-tale called Petite Souris.

Best teeth jokes and quotes

Funny jokes and quotes about teeth and dentists

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