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5 best things you can do for your teeth

Best practices to maintain your dental health

Merc Sol homeopathic remedy for toothache

Mercurius Solubilis, also known as Merc Sol, is a homeopathic medication used to reduce inflammation and infection. Merc Sol can be used for dental issues and toothache

Top 10 antibiotics for dental infection

Best 10 antibiotics prescribed by dentists to fight dental infection, tooth abscess and gum inflammation

Do tooth roots need to be removed

Yes, teeth roots need to be removed surgically because they might be a source of chronic infection in the mouth

Tooth dilaceration

Tooth crown and root dilaceration refers to abnormal morphology and anatomy of part of the tooth. Dilaceration can affect the tooth crown and/or roots

How do we know if apicoectomy has failed

Apicoectomy, also spelled sometimes as apicectomy, is a procedure of surgically removing the apex of failed root canaled tooth. Let's have a look at its success rate

Do teeth have nerves?

Tooth nerve is within the pulp chamber and the root canals. Yes, teeth do have nerves in it

Everything about denture adhesives

Denture adhesive is a type of harmless glue, which you apply in between the dentures and your gums, to keep it stable and prevent from sliding or rocking

How to get rid of plaque on the tongue

Getting rid of tongue plaque can be done with tongue scraper device or the back side of your manual toothbrush

What is orofacial myology?

Orofacial myology is the science of the oral and facial muscles - how they interact and change the profile and the face and skull bones

Subperiosteal dental implants

Subperiosteal tooth implants are dental implants consisting of titanium framework fitting under the alveolar periosteum

Trans sinus dental implants

Trans-sinus dental implants are long dental implants which pass through the maxillary sinus and engage in the lateral wall of the nasal cavity

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