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Should I breathe through my nose or mouth when in the dentist chair?

Breathing through the nose is preferable, but if your nose is blocked you will have to breathe through the mouth in the dentist chair

Can I vape after tooth extraction?

Vaping after tooth removal is not recommendable due to the nicotine content in the vaping product and risk of dislodging the blood clot

6 Signs of Aging You Can Combat

How to fight the signs of aging by applying several simple tricks

The Importance of Regular Teeth Checkups

This is what can go wrong if you do not check your teeth regularly at the dentist

Gum Diseases: Differences between Gingivitis and Periodontitis

Gingivitis means inflammation of the gums, periodontitis means inflammation of gums + deep periodontal pockets and infection in the bone

What is Gnathology?

Gnathology is a field of study concentrating on maxillary and mandibular jaws and their development, temporomandibular joint TMJ and occlusion - the way that teeth meet together

3 Treatments and Procedures to Help You Face the World with More Confidence

These are 3 dental procedures and can boost up your confidence

Giomer restorative dental material

Dental giomer is a restorative tooth-coloured dental material that combines the properties of composite resin and glass ionomer cement

Step-by-Step Guide: Tips on How to Write a Dental Essay

Tips and tricks of writing a dental essay

What is the INR measurement in Warfarin treatment?

INR in Warfarin treatment stands for International Normalized Ratio. It is a coefficient that measures how quickly blood can clot depending on the prothrombin time.

What is Cvek pulpotomy?

Cvek pulpotomy, also known as partial pulpotomy, is a dental procedure of removing the crown pulp and leaving the root canal pulp in order to leave the tooth partially vital.

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