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Reviews Policy

DentaGama holds the belief that all reviews should be genuine, relevant, original and useful to other users. Under no circumstances should reviews be posted with the intent to be malicious, harmful or offensive.


It is important to us to be able to provide genuine reviews for all of those using DentaGama to try and choose a clinic and find services.


DentaGama reserves the right to publish, not publish or delete any review, for any reason.


Review guidelines


Only post genuine reviews; any reviews posted on the site are subject to investigation.


Only post original reviews; do not post your review to Dentagama if it has been previously published somewhere else.


Only post reviews that are relevant to DentaGama and services provided.


Only post useful reviews.




Investigation of negative reviews


DentaGama does not accept any responsibility for reputational damage. If we believe a review is genuine and not fake, we will keep it on the website.


In the case of a negative review, an investigation will be carried out by our team to reveal the reasoning behind said negative review. We will check whether this review is trustworthy and whether the reviewer has actually attended the practice. During the investigation, the review in question will remain active and online.


Once the investigation is completed, DentaGama will decide whether to keep or delete the negative review.


In the case of a fake review, the procedure is the same: DentaGama will conduct an investigation and will decide whether to keep or delete the view.


By creating a profile with Dentagama, you acknowledge and agree that there may be reviews that do not have a positive effect on your reputation. You agree that this is a part of using our services.


During the investigation, we will make an effort to contact the reviewer. This process may take time. The decision whether to keep or delete the review will be based on several factors. Priority will be given to genuine experiences recorded by real patients and customers.


Review and feedback guidelines

1. Dentagama is not responsible for the claims about the accuracy and timeliness of services, including treatments and diagnosis, rendered from any clinic. We cannot publish such claims because to do so would involve exhaustive medical studies, surveying and research.

2. Any review must be incompliance with anti-defamation laws.

3. Any criminal activity, allegation of criminal activity, medical negligence, or allegation of medical negligence must be reported as soon as possible to the police or proper authorities for the particular situation. Dentagama does not claim to have any authority over the clinics mentioned or listed on our site.

4. Your review will not be published on Dentagama if there are any legal proceedings involving you and the clinic. To publish a review would be to interfere with said proceedings.

5. Any review you post must be related to an experience you have had at a clinic and relevant to Dentagama.

6. Only those 18 years of age and older may leave reviews.

7. You can only review a clinic if you have been a patient at said clinic. You can only review treatment if you received said treatment.

8. Hearsay (something you claim another person said) cannot be included in a review.

9. If a legal guardian of a patient wishes to leave a review on behalf of or for the patient they may, however no information that could lead to the patient’s identification may be included in the review.

10. If you publish a review, you must make sure that the information you provide is accurate. If you leave a review that contains false information, there may be legal consequences.

11. Since your review is a review of a clinic, and not of an individual doctor, nurse, staff member or other individual at the clinic, your review should not include personal insults or accusations aimed at any individual.

12. Do not post a review with any contact information for you or a third party.

13. Do not mention individuals by name.

14. Do not wright a false review.

15. Clinic owners must not review their own clinics, nor encourage staff or associates to leave reviews for said clinic.

16. Reviews that are false will be removed from the website. If the false review was made by someone associated with the clinic, that clinic may be removed from the listings on DentaGama.

17. IP-tracking and geo-coding will help DentaGama search for, find and remove any false reviews.




If your review is accepted by DentaGama to be published on the website, only your first name and city will be displayed. Your other personal information, such as your surname, contact information and country details are stored securely and won’t ever be made public. DentaGama does reserved the right to contact you to verify your details, or to solicit more information in order to expand on or improve your review if necessary.



If you submit a review to be posted, you agree that we may try to contact you to verify that you are a real person and that your review isn’t false. DentaGama also reserves the right to publish reviews that haven’t been verified. Any review that hasn’t been verified will not go the overall clinic score on the website.




All reviews on DentaGama are opinions of users of the Site, not opinions of DentaGama. DentaGama will take the necessary steps to ensure that the reviews that are published on the website are in compliance with these guidelines. We reserve the right to publish any review, not publish any review, or delete any review if it violates these guidelines, and for any other reason. We do not discriminate between free and paid listings. All content will be treated equally. DentaGama is not responsible for the accuracy, timeless, completeness, truthfulness, or legality of any content on the website. This content includes reviews, comments and ratings. We are not liable for any harm to reputation, enterprise, or loss of profits that may result from content that is on Dentagama. 

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