Tips For A Perfect Smile

June 27, 2019, Glendale Dental Group

Everybody wants to have a perfect smile. It holds so much power over people, and that is something that’s just too good to ignore. We’ve seen people with lovely smiles light up a room the moment they enter it. We’ve also seen tense situations defused by a sincere and beautiful smile from one of the people involved.

Indeed, no one can ever dispute the importance of a perfect smile. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with it. Some had it but lost it after a dental accident that required emergency dental services. That, however, doesn’t mean we can’t do anything to achieve or restore that lovely smile. Here are some tips that can help you get that perfect smile and all the benefits that come with it.

Proper oral care is key
Brushing your teeth and flossing regularly is par for the course if you want to achieve a perfect smile. Doing so reduces the bacteria levels in your mouth, which means your risk for tooth decay will fall as well. You can further fight bacteria by cleaning your tongue and rinsing with mouthwash as well. If you can store your toothbrush inside a UV toothbrush sanitizer at all times, then that would be even better for your oral care.

Swear off tobacco products
Do you know a smoker who has pearly white teeth? Of course, you don’t, because anyone with a long-standing smoking habit will always have nicotine-stained chompers. If you’ve been smoking for years and your teeth are starting to turn yellowish, or worse, brownish, then you have to quit before it gets any worse. With teeth whitening, you can always restore your teeth to their original splendor.

Avoid carbonated drinks
Carbonated drinks like soda are just as bad as tobacco when it comes to staining your teeth. Avoid them if you can, and be the healthier for it as well. If swearing off soda is extremely hard for you, then you can at least limit your intake.

Visit your dentist regularly
Ideally, we all should drop by our dentist’s office twice a year for optimal oral and dental health. However, depending on your dental situation, you might need more dental visits, so just make an appointment with your dentist whenever you need it.

Visit a cosmetic dentist as well
Sometimes, proper oral care can only do so much.  You can avoid tobacco and carbonated drinks, and visit your dentist regularly, but if you have crooked or misaligned teeth, a missing tooth or two because of an accident, or conspicuous gaps between your teeth, you will find achieving that perfect smile to be a bit of an uphill climb.

Cosmetic dentists, however, can help you get there.

Too embarrassed by the stains on your teeth? Then let a cosmetic dentist perform a teeth whitening procedure on you. If you have unsightly gaps between your teeth, then get porcelain veneers which a cosmetic dentist can do easily. Crooked or misaligned teeth, meanwhile, can be straightened out. You can choose between traditional braces of Invisalign trays. Both have their own sets of pros and cons, and it will be entirely up to you which one to go for so you can finally get your teeth to align correctly.

For those who lost a tooth or two for whatever reason, you should seriously consider having dental implants. A dental implant is a permanent solution for missing teeth, so if you want to restore your perfect smile, talk to a cosmetic dentist about it, and learn everything the procedure has to offer.

Achieving a perfect smile may not be easy, but it can be done, particularly with the help of a skilled and experienced cosmetic dentist. So visit one now, and find out what he or she can do to ensure that you’ll have a perfect smile for as long as you want.


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