Making a Choice to Get All on 4 Dental Implants

June 27, 2019, OC Max Surgery

all on 4 dental implants
all on 4 dental implants
Understanding All on 4 Dental Implants Before Getting Them

What is All on 4?

Also called Implant supported dentures, all on 4 dental implants are simply those dentures that are attached to the jaw permanently using four of those implants. While over time with the changes in technology and advancements in medical science has removed the need for it to be even 4.

However, since this was the practice that originated in this technique, the name all on 4 dental implants stuck. The teeth stuck this way, either prosthetics or teeth themselves, are generally fixed, and therefore can't be removed. For that purpose, you need to be sure of this decision.

Why Get Dental Implants Treatment?

As per a study, about 3 Million people within Canada and the USA deal with improperly fitted dentures. That means that many people have to deal with discomfiture because their dentures have been made incorrectly, or they are just loose. Because of this, it can affect a person's self-esteem and social standing. Such withdrawal can have mental effects as well. Yet others withdraw because their peers or family members have complained that these dentures create bad breath due to the inability to perceive food stuck and decayed in the teeth.

When you need to have dentures anyway, it makes sense to do it in a way that would remove most of your problems. This dental implant treatment might just be the thing for you, in that it can solve the problems that we've discussed by never letting them arise at all. With all on 4 dental implants, the ability of your mouth to sense is not gone. That means, your tongue is free to roam about unhindered, and your mouth itself can have all the sensations of eating food.

Fitment Issues:

The original problem with finding material suitable for dentures was that no material was strong enough to withstand the biting force of the jaw. Finally, a titanium alloy stronger than pure titanium could do the job. While fractures in these dental implants are rare, they could occur in the ordinary circumstances that you might break your teeth.

That means, other than extraordinary circumstances, these dentures function just as your normal teeth would. This is interdependent on how dense your jaw bone structure is, and how feasible the placement of these dentures is. All of this, a dentist could easily tell you.


Just because they aren't natural teeth, doesn't mean they aren't subject to the rules of dental hygiene. These dentures don't come with the promise of lasting forever. Poor oral hygiene, extreme stress on the jaw, lack of follow-ups, excessive wear and tear, extraordinary usage of teeth beyond what is humanly acceptable can cause damage to these dentures. Otherwise, as far as the normal course of activities is concerned, they don't have an expiry date. With proper care, just as how you well you would care for your teeth, these dentures can last a really long time.

Consult OC Oral Surgeon

A professionals dentist ensure you get the best experience in getting dentail implants. The implants are securely anchored to the gums to prevent leakages, tears or other form of dental leakages. Your implants will not affect the surrounding teeth, or in any way affect the sensation, and neither should cause any discomfort. Since dental implants save a lot of time by making sure they last for a lifetime, they become a very good choice for patients.

If you are living around Orange or Tustin, CA you can call +1-714-939-7505 ask regarding your concern, you may have about the procedure and fitment issues. Visit their official website OC Max Surgery to learn more.


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