20 Simple Steps To Better Dental Health

October 20, 2014, Aye Dental

20 Simple Steps To Better Dental Health
20 Simple Steps To Better Dental Health

Your teeth, gums, and overall oral health is a vital part of your body. You may just look at it is as the part of your body that allows the entrance of food and liquids, but your oral health is much more than that. That is why it’s vital that you keep your teeth and gums as health as possible. Here are 20 simple steps to better dental health that you’ll be happy you followed.

Brush More

If you are brushing twice a day, that’s a great start. However, consider brushing after every single meal if you want o have the best dental health possible.

Have The Right Toothbrush

If you are going to be brushing, you might as well be doing it right. Your toothbrush should be perfect for your specific oral health, as well as in the right condition for use.

Floss More

Flossing takes just a few extra minutes, but it’ll help to get the places in-between your teeth that your toothbrush can’t reach.

Use Mouthwash

Mouthwash is great to help kill bacteria on your tongue and the top of your mouth, and it also gives you minty fresh breath.

Examine Your Own Oral Health

It’s best that you take a look in the mirror at your own teeth each day to ensure that you don’t notice any visible flaws or damage.

Visit The Dentist

It’s vital that you visit the dentist at least twice a year, as this will help to protect you from any oral health problems that you may not be aware of.

Eat More Dairy

Dairy products like cheese and milk are full of calcium and vitamin D, both of which are instrumental in strong and healthy teeth.

Snack On Vegetables

Instead of snacking on candy, eating crisp vegetables will help keep your teeth clean and your mouth salivated.

Eat Healthy Meats

Specifically, fish is full of healthy vitamins and minerals that will help your teeth be stronger and healthier.

Avoid Drinking Alcohol

Not only is alcohol bad for your kidneys, but it can make it harder for your mouth to fight of infections and diseases.

Avoid Smoking Cigarettes

Cigarettes are full of toxins that will contaminate your mouth and stain your teeth in the process.

Chew More Gum

If you have a habit like smoking or drinking, consider chewing gum instead. This will help to clean your mouth and keep your mind off bad habits.

Avoid Chewing On Ice

Chewing on ice might feel good on a hot day, but it’s horrible for your teeth.

Don’t Nibble On Your Pencil

Just like it’s not good to chew on ice, you should also avoid nibbling on a pencil or pen while you are at work or school.

Wear A Mouthguard

If you play a sport, then it’s important that you protect your teeth with a mouthguard. Accidents happen, but a mouthguard will protect you.

Stay Hydrated

For those that are continually active, be sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and avoid halitosis.

Get Dental Fixes When Needed

As soon as you need a dental repair, get it seen to. Otherwise you’ll be risking more damage if it goes unseen to.

Always Be Prepared

Have an emergency dental kit with you at all times if you are someone that’s on the go or always in a hurry.

Avoid Missing Dental Visits

You should never miss your dental appointments, no matter how busy your schedule might be.

Make It A Family Affair

To get everyone in your family excited, as well as to make sure everyone is keeping up with the best dental health possible, make sure that everyone follows these tips for the best teeth and gums.


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Great tips in keeping mouth healthy! We must talk to our dentist or dental hygienist about our oral health practices and never miss scheduled dental visit.

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