Top 14 Ways To Fight Bad Breath

October 20, 2014, Stellar Dental

Top 14 Ways To Fight Bad Breath
Top 14 Ways To Fight Bad Breath

Having bad breath will affect your personal and professional relationships. After all, not many people will want to spend time with you if your breath is unbearable to be around. Luckily, here are 14 ways to fight bad breath, in order to make sure that you can get a bit more personal in your relationships.

Floss Once A Day
Flossing is ideal because it will help to clean the places that your toothbrush can’t reach. By breaking up food and bacteria that is stuck between your teeth and gums, you’ll be able to have a much cleaner mouth over. Flossing once a day is ideal, and it only takes a few extra minutes.

Brush Even More
While you can get away with flossing once a day, you should make sure that you are brushing much more often. The common perception is to brush at least twice a day, but if you have bad breath, then you may want to consider brushing after each meal.

Change Your Toothbrush Frequently  
Brushing your teeth won’t mean much if your toothbrush isn’t in great shape. In order to avoid bad breath that might occur because of a poorly maintained toothbrush, be sure to switch it out every two-to-three months.

Use Mouthwash
Mouthwash isn’t something that should be used as a replacement to brushing or flossing, however it can be helpful when aiming to keep your breath smelling great. By rinsing your mouth with mouthwash throughout the day, you’ll have much better smelling teeth.

 Stay Hydrated
For those that are always active and on the go, it’s vital that they stay hydrated throughout the day. Halitosis, or dry mouth, will cause for your breath to smell bad and for bacteria to infect your mouth.

Don’t Forget Your Tongue
Most people brush their teeth and gums, but they forget to realize how much bacteria and fungi is on their tongue. Be sure to scrape your tongue clean in order to have the best smelling breath possible.

Schedule A Dental Appointment
You may need to consider scheduling a dentist appointment if the scent of your breath doesn’t seem to be getting better. They can assist you with more diligent ways to turn things around.

Quit Smoking
Not only is smoking bad for your body, but it leaves harmful chemicals inside of your mouth. Therefore, quit this habits as soon as you can for better smelling breath.

Quit Drinking
Not only smoking, but you should also consider cutting alcohol out of your life as well. Alcohol makes it harder for your mouth to cleanse itself, which leads to rank smells.

Eat Garlic
Garlic may be commonly thought of as something that will make your breath smell in the short term, but it can actually lead to better smelling breath over time.

Snack On Vegetables
Crisp vegetables will generate saliva production inside of your mouth, and it’ll also help to naturally cleanse your teeth as well.

Chew On Gum
If you are looking for a habit to replace smoking or drinking, consider chewing on gum. Sugar free gum will help keep your teeth clean and get rid of bacteria in hard-to-reach places.

Chew On Cloves Or Parsley
Cloves and parsley have antiseptic qualities that will get rid of bacteria that leads to halitosis. They also have chlorophyll, which helps to neutralize odors.

Look For Damage To Your Teeth
You should be examining your teeth each day to see if there is any physical damage or problems. If you notice anything, it’s important to see a doctor as soon as possible, or else the damaged tooth could start to rot and cause foul smells in your mouth.


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Great tips! Well shared the way to cure and stop bad breath today itself by following this simple tips in daily life.

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