Why Choose Watson Dental Care

November 03, 2014, Crawford and O brein

Why Choose Watson Dental Care
Why Choose Watson Dental Care
Dental bonding is a cosmetic process that a dentist uses to correct specific types of tooth damage. Your teeth may need repairing with a dental bonding procedure if you have chipped or cracked teeth, significant discoloration of your teeth, excessive tooth decay, a tooth gap or unusual shape to a tooth or exposed and receding gums.

Why choose Watson dental care?  A dental bonding is a more complex dental correction that may require the following specialized process:

  • Bonding requires a tooth colored resin material that is a plastic composite.  This type of composite dental plastic is applied and hardened, using a laser light device.  Laser technology has its own method of application and training.

  • Your dental bonding material is adhered to your damaged or chipped tooth, and the new tooth covering gives you an improved appearance.

  • Why choose Watson dental care?  Our dentists and technicians are trained in laser light dental technologies.  We can help with decay and excessive caries, by using our dental procedures and a composite resin to fill your tooth.

  • Chipped or cracked teeth can easily be restored to a functioning condition with dental bonding.  Our bonding material is a natural substance that enhances and strengthens your tooth tissue.  We use state-of-the-art clinical techniques for bonding and, also, use newer applications for bonding, including bonding to soft tissue.

  • Bonding resin is an effective method that can make your teeth look longer or can change the shape of your teeth.  Composite resin is adhered over your tooth area, that needs enhancing.

  • Direct composite bonding is a tooth color, and it can be an effective repair material for tooth damage or gaps in your front teeth, for example.

  • It is often used as an alternative to silver colored amalgam fillings, since white composite bonding is more natural looking. 

  • Receding gums often cause tooth decay or may cause your exposed tooth dentin to be excessively sensitive.  A composite covering of dental bonding helps to eliminate any exposed and sensitive enamel.


Why Choose Watson Dental Care?

Why choose Watson dental care?  We offer a fast and professional procedure, using the latest dental technologies.  Our bonding process can be completed in one dental visit and includes the following:

  • Your dental bonding needs a few steps for preparation.  We will select a resin composite material that closely matches the shade of your teeth.  Anesthesia is used only if your dental concern requires a filling.

  • Your tooth surface is cleaned and roughened for the bonding material.  A conditioning liquid is used on the surface of the tooth area to be corrected. 

  • A natural tooth color is used and is applied to your tooth.  Your dentist shapes this putty like material to match your tooth structure. 

  • A laser light or ultraviolet light is used to harden the composite resin to your tooth. 

  • We, then, trim and shape your dental correction and blend it in with your remaining tooth surfaces.


The entire process for each tooth can be completed within thirty minutes to one  hour.  A chipped or broken tooth may be corrected in one office visit.  Dental bonding is a fast and inexpensive dental process.  It is a new cosmetic procedure that removes little of your natural tooth enamel.  Anesthesia is not required, unless you are having dental cavities filled.


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