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August 23, 2019, 3V Dental Associates

best brooklyn dentist
best brooklyn dentist
When it comes to self-esteem, having a great smile plays a vital role. Unfortunately, teeth do not automatically come in perfect for most people. Even for people who have had great teeth, over time, all people tend to have some deterioration of their teeth. In fact, by the time people reach age 50, most Americans have lost eight primary teeth to tooth decay, injury or plaque and periodontal disease.

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Proper Oral Healthcare

The good news is that with proper dental care, people can keep their teeth longer and maintain better oral health. Having a regular annual check-up and teeth cleaning can significantly protect against tooth loss for people of all ages with adult teeth. An annual tooth cleaning is the best defense against plaque build-up on teeth, which leads to tooth loss. The process is simple and can usually be done in one office visit if cleanings are done annually.

The loss of primary teeth usually starts to occur for people over the age of thirty, and it starts with tooth decay. This often arises in molar teeth first since people are inclined to not brush their molar teeth as well as their front teeth. However, with an annual check-up and x-ray images, tooth decay can be spotted early so proper action can be taken for tooth restoration. The process of tooth restoration, which requires modern fillings, can usually be completed within one to two office visits unless a root canal becomes necessary to preserve the tooth.

Teeth Aligners

When it comes to misaligned teeth, this usually occurs either from injury or from improper teeth alignment from genetics. The good news is that for most dentistry patients, the ability to repair basic misalignment is relatively simple. One of the most popular aligner alternatives offered from the best Brooklyn dentists is Invisalign aligners. While Invisalign is not meant for people with significantly misaligned teeth, it is an excellent alternative for dentistry patients that have spaces between their teeth and people with basic misalignments. The process for getting Invisalign starts with a dentist visit, and a full tooth evaluation, including x-ray images. Once this is completed, the dentist’s office will make a tooth impression or mold for the first Invisalign aligner set.
Porcelain Veneers

For our neighbors in Brooklyn who have one or several teeth that do not match their other teeth, the option of veneers is often the best choice. Veneers are considered a cosmetic repair that offers people the chance to keep the teeth they have and build on the current tooth structure to create a perfect smile. They are quite common for teeth that have become broken from injuries. However, they are also used in other circumstances. Veneers are a cosmetic repair that is widely used for patients with:

• Broken or Chipped Teeth
• Severe Tooth Discoloration That Isn’t Fixed with Whitening
• Gaps in Teeth (Especially Front Teeth)
• Smaller-than-Average Teeth
• Teeth That are Pointed or are Unusually Shaped

Teeth Whitening

One of the most widely sought out dental procedures for the average person in Brooklyn is teeth whitening. For people who smoke, drink excessive caffeine, or have tooth discoloration for a variety of other reasons, teeth whitening is often the best solution to correct the coloring problem. While there are whitening products on the market, many of them take months to show a significant difference. However, with professional Zoom teeth whitening offered at our Brooklyn office, patients can see a significant change in their teeth color in just one appointment. Zoom Teeth Whitening is completed in about an hour and has a low risk of complications or tooth sensitivity.

Full or Partial Dentures

For people who are looking for permanent solutions for missing teeth, full or partial dentures are often one of the best solutions. Full or partial dentures allow people to have a smile and be able to dine and live freely with few worries about missing teeth. While dentures are removable, they can be worn for 16-17 hours a day. This allows people to freely enjoy their full set of teeth while they are awake. By contrast to older denture materials, today’s dentures last longer, look more natural and are made from an acrylic base which makes them flexible and easy to care for.

Tooth Implants

Another option for Brooklyn residents who are looking to replace multiple teeth with a more permanent solution, implants have become an excellent long-term option. Unlike dentures, implants can help preserve bone loss and never need to be removed. However, implants are a surgical procedure, so there are risks. Since each person’s medical risks vary, getting a full analysis by a professional Brooklyn dentist to decide if implants are right for you is recommended.

Why Do People Get Crowns?

Tooth crowns are also known as caps. Crowns are built onto the structure of the base of the patient’s primary tooth. When completed, a crown is meant to restore the person’s tooth to a perfect shape and appearance. There are several reasons people get a crown.

The Top Reasons People Get Crowns

• To Restore a Broken- or Worn-Down Tooth
• To Cover a Tooth That Has a Large Filling
• To Hold a Bridge in Place
• For Cosmetic Purposes
• To Protect Weakened Teeth from Breaking

Dental Reconstruction

The process of reconstruction is usually a compilation of procedures to help restore a person’s dental health and provide a restored smile.  The process of reconstruction can take up to a year or longer in severe cases, depending on the circumstances of the patient.

Reconstruction May Include:

• Removal of Misaligned or Severely Damaged Teeth
• Installation of Crowns
• Installation of Implants
• Repairs to Teeth That Have Been Cracked
• Repairs and Reconstruction after Periodontal Disease
• Tooth Alignment Procedures

Tooth Bonding

This is a process that is easy to perform, is less expensive than some other procedures, and takes less time than some of the more expansive reconstruction procedures. Bonding is completed for people who have cracked teeth, noticeable spaces between teeth or smaller than normal teeth.

Our Brooklyn dental team use a composite material in the bonding process that helps fill in the necessary spaces of the teeth. In contrast to other more complex procedures, bonding can be completed in a single office visit depending on the extent of the area to be treated.

Give Us a Call

For people who are looking for a good dentistry office they can trust in the Brooklyn New York area, our office provides complete dental care for patients of all ages. From childhood care of baby teeth to adult and senior dental care, our office provides Brooklyn New York residents with compassionate and professional dental healthcare.

Our patients are treated with the utmost respect. Our goal is to improve their oral health and appearance. No matter what procedure you or your loved one's needs, we promise to offer a complete analysis of your dentistry needs. Once an examination is completed, we will provide you with the best options to treat any current or arising dental problem.

If you live in the Brooklyn NY area and wish to get a dental consultation regarding your oral health, we would be glad to set an appointment with you. We are committed to helping you get the best dental healthcare available in the Brooklyn NY area.


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