The Impact of Technological Intrusion in the Dental World

August 27, 2019, Smile Care

The Impact of Technological Intrusion in the Dental World
The Impact of Technological Intrusion in the Dental World
The high speed hand piece designed in the 1950s paved a huge way for the first technological intrusion into the dental space and since then numerous innovations have been appreciated by dentists and patients alike.

These contraptions range from fibre optics to dental software which has aided the ease of therapeutic, diagnostic and dentistry managerial processes. Below are some technological leaps that have been introduced lately into the world of dentistry.

Technological Dental Instruments
These sophisticated instruments have suddenly replaced the old fashioned scary tools known to be used by dentists. A good example of such is the ‘Less Drilling Liquid’ - Everyone would concur to the fact that the most usual scare associated with visiting a dentist is having your bad tooth drilled out. But all thanks to the amazing drilling liquid that was advanced by a Professor of the Creighton University School of Dentistry. Before x-rays are performed, this liquid is applied to aid the dentist detect if any pre-cavity activity had previously occurred in the tooth. Many dentists have found this precocious information very useful as it has made it easy to efficiently combat tooth decay.
Another outstanding innovation is the ‘Dentistry Endoscopy’ where tiny cameras are connected to scaler or probes. This will aid hygienists to deeply examine the reason why a specific area is not healing as it should. This will erase any chance for guesses as they can visibly confirm the problem including the sufferer (patient). Everything is displayed clearly on a screen with the aid of fibre optics and cameras combined. The dentist can easily make accurate prescription after this exercise and such gives the patient some great confidence since they also witnessed the degree of the problem. Preventive steps could also be taken thereafter.
Under endoscopy, the use of dental lasers is being employed for periodontal therapy by hygienists. It helps in the ease of pain, treatment of soft tissues, dental caries detection, and discovery of area the teeth are lacking mineral content; with such detection, remineralizing instruments can be used more effectively.

Technological Dental Software
Dental software had been in use since the 1960s, according to a survey carried out by Atkinson. J in 2000, he stated that 85.1% of the entire dentists in the US used computers. From this statistics, it can be deduced that these several dental- related software have been designed to aid dentists in so many forms. They come in different categories namely – Clinical, administrative and for internet purposes. These software are so useful that they practically lift off burden and stress from the hands of dentists. Some of their uses include
• Management of patient’s record
• Planning software for dental treatment
• Ethernet and internet communication
• Dental enlightenment with computer aid
• Aids for easy usage of dental instruments
• Collation of medical records on periodontics, interconsultations, referral of patients, orthodontics and orthognathic surgeries
• Accurate planning of dental treatment
• Storage of electronic archives of dental documentation.


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