7 Result Driven Tips to Increase Your Dental Clinic Appointment Rate with Digital Marketing

September 16, 2019, Techjockey

This article is a guide to increase dental clinic appointment rates

Are you looking forward to an increase in your appointment rate? According to a study of 2018, more than 90% of patients search on the internet to fix a dental clinic appointment. The digital marketing storm is taking over the commercial world in every way possible, even in health domains. The online marketing game has to be stronger than ever for every dental clinic to boost their appointment rate significantly.

It is a hard task to bring adequate number of desired clients to your clinic, since there is so much competition in the market. Here, we will go through some essential tips to improve your dental clinic appointment system.

Invest in Google Ads

Digital marketing and Google ads go hand in hand. When a patient is looking for dental clinics on the internet, they enter some keywords such as ‘dental clinics in Colorado’ or ‘cosmetic dental services’. It is your task to keep your site on top of the Google’s SERP for your money keyword. Below are some of the best benefits of using Google Ads to increase your appointment rate.

• With Google Ads, dental clinic appointment will reach across your area for over 30 to 50 miles, so more patients can reach to you from neighboring suburbs. 
• If your patients search for related keywords such as teeth whitening, root canals, and other similar words, Google ads will show your site for those PPC terms.
• You can turn off the Google ad campaign whenever you want according to your time slot, so you have control on your campaign.

Facebook Bot Marketing

Social media is the biggest platform for digital marketing, and one of the segments that can bring in a lot of traffic is Facebook. There are many ways to market your company on Facebook, but one thing that is remarkable out of all is Facebook bot marketing. It is an automated software that engages in conversation with patients, talking about the services, and educating them about your clinic and help make dental clinic appointment. The foremost vital tasks that a Facebook bot can offer are:

• Create a sales campaign
• Send downloadable options such as portfolio of your clinic or PDFs
• Inform customers about exciting deals and upgrades
• Just like email marketing send a sequence of messages to a bunch of patients.

YouTube Channel Promotion

In today’s world, people have shifted from written content to video content. We tend to find video content more engrossing and entertaining to watch, and it educates us remarkably at the same time. You can use YouTube, which is the most popular video content platform to promote your dental clinic.Below are a few easy steps for YouTube marketing:

• You can shoot and edit videos uniquely, by promoting your services and publish it on YouTube with a relatable caption to get unlimited reach.
• YouTube channel promotion can be a huge success if you market it correctly and make the videos engaging and informative.
• Keep a check on the comments and the like ratio to see views and reactions by your viewers
• If you want to use YouTube promotion seriously, you need to be consistent in posting promotional videos to see an increase in yourdental clinic appointment.

GMB Promotions for a Local Business Area

If we are considering digital marketing for dental clinics, then, Google My Business (GMB) is a great way to bring in massive traffic to your clinic website. Let us go through how GMB promotion works:

• When a patient searches for dental clinics near them, your website will be shown in the Google Map Local Pack.
• If you optimize GMB properly, then, it will promote your website as one of the leading dental clinics helping you get more leads.
• So, dental clinic appointments will take a high rise in your local business are if you can use GMB promotions properly.

Instagram Promotion with Influencer Marketing

Instagram can now be taken into account as another social media platform that has been rising up at a rapid rate in the digital marketing business. There are various options to market your product through Instagram, but one that stands out is the influencer marketing. So, what is influencer marketing, and how is it going to help promote dental clinic appointments?
• There are some Instagram users with a huge follower count because of their creativity in a different field. For example, a fashion influencer can promote a makeup product in her profile through video or photo posts teaching her followers about the product uses and so on.
• In the same way, an influencer can promote dental products, which will result in rapid dental clinic appointmentsby the followers of that profile.
• You just have to provide the product to the influencer with every little detail, so that it becomes easier for them to advertise.
• Look for Instagram influencers who deal with a similar niche like a dental clinic, such as health products, or medicines.

Email marketing or Cold Emailing

We always feel that email marketing can be one of the most powerful methods of digital marketing. People get a lot of emails on a daily basis, so your task is to make your email stand out among all or make it as creative and engaging as possible. The content of the email should be interesting enough to persuade the patients to read. Below are some essential things to keep in mind for email marketing,

• Set a target audience.
• Make sure what you want, in this case, you want to get more leads via dental clinic appointment system.
• You can send the newsletter, new deals, and other important updates to your targeted patients, or just drop a friendly reminder mail.

Lead-Gen Click funnel

Lead-Gen Click funnel is probably the most successful way to get the accurate lead. In this case, the funnel works in both directions; offline and online.
• In the offline process, generally after conducting a conference, you can acquire phone number and email ids of your potential patients. Then, you can send them pro tips on dental therapy, treatment, and other information that will help you to gain massive trusted followers, which will quickly increase your dental clinic appointments.
• With online click funnel marketing, you can run a lead generation ad in any social media platform and get their phone numbers, mail ids and then you can send videos about dental therapy and so on to attract new patients. According to survey USA pool conducted last year, it showed more than 48% dental clinics are moving drastically for funnel marketing techniques to capture leads online.

Invest in Dental Software Solution

It is very crucial to invest in a good Dental software, as after following all these tips you are surely getting some increase in appointment rates. So, to manage all these appointments you should have a dental solution. Now, lets discuss about what a Dental software can do: -

• It can help you to maintain their Patients Registration Details, Medical History, Dental History, Chief Complaints, Diagnosis, Treatment Planning, Treatment Done, Estimates, Receipts, Outstanding, SMS for Appointments, Recalls, Birthday Wishes, Prescription, Patient Education, LAB Work Management, Accounts up to Balance Sheet, Imaging module manages images of IOC, RVG & OPG images, Mobile App for Doctors, Mobile App for Patients, Leads Management, and many more along with hundreds of customized practice analysis reports.

These are some of the trusted ways to increase your dental clinic appointment. If you are following some other step to increasing clinic appointment, feel free to share with us.


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