Why should you choose dental implants

September 24, 2019, Crawford and O brein

Why should you choose dental implants
Why should you choose dental implants
Don't you know that over 2% of the world population have no natural teeth


It's almost 160,000,000 people over the globe according to the NCBI statistics. Just imagine, individuals with severe teeth loss can quickly populate the territory the size of Japan. Do they have a way out? Only one — dental implantation.

Nowadays, tooth implantation is the most effective method to renew lost teeth and roots without involving neighboring teeth and the only method to improve tooth functionality ultimately. A dental prosthesis is a metal pin that is implanted in the jaw and attaches a denture. This method is much more reliable and does not damage the surrounding teeth.

Advantages of dental implants

More than 300,000 artificial teeth are implanted each year. Thousands of people undergo placement of the artificial teeth due to the set of reasons. The advantages of tooth implantation are apparent. Among them are:Restoration of the natural tooth form

  • Restoration of the natural tooth form
  • Neighboring teeth are not exposed to deformation
  • Long service life — at least 15–20 years
  • Care for dental implants is the same as for the entire oral cavity
  • Possibility to eat hard foods without fear of damaging the implant
  • The jawbone does not atrophy
  •  Beautiful tooth aesthetics.

Pay attention that in some cases dental implantations is impossible because of the individual contraindications. That’s why, you should consult with a dentist before the procedure. Moreover, some people are embarrassed with the high cost of teeth implants. But there is a way out of this situation — getting dental implants in a country with the lower price policy. The cheapest dental implants in the world you can get in the Near Eastern and Asian countries. Learn more about it here.

Tooth implants cost worldwide
The expenses for dental implantation is usually calculated individually according to the number of prostheses needed to be implanted. However, various other factors influence cost. Among them are:

  • quality of the material a prosthesis is made
  • method of the procedure
  •   instruments needed for implantation
  • doctor's experience
  •  the general level of equipment and comfort in the clinic
  •  a country where the clinic is located.

Teeth implantation is relatively expensive. As Bookimed (an international platform for medical services worldwide) reports, the average cost of dental implants is $1,300. Nonetheless, some places provide a much lower price of this procedure. You can find dentures for $400. Where?

Best places for cheap dental implants

The most popular countries for dental implants are considered Thailand, Mexico, Turkey, and Hungary. Thousands of international patients go for teeth dentures in these countries due to excellent services and affordable prices.

Turkey provides the cheapest dental implants in the world according to Bookimed data. The expenses start from $400 — two times lower than in European countries. The general price policy and residents' income explain such a low cost within Turkey.

Nevertheless, cheap dental implants are possible to find in Europe. The lowest price of this procedure is $540 and offered by Hungary. This state is a dental center of Europe, where dentists perform high-quality implantation at the affordable price. Moreover, because of the high demand, Hungarian smile clinics often provide discounts and package prices.


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