The advantages of Dental Implants

November 11, 2014, Medgaus Dental Care

Dental implant is a small titanium tooth root replacement.
Dental implant is a small titanium tooth root replacement.
Teeth were designed to last a lifetime and when they don’t, it can be quite traumatizing. Not only is this loss detrimental to your smile and your self-esteem, but it can also cause you to lose your ability to chew your food properly; among other problems.

Despite the many improvements in dental care, millions of American still suffers from tooth loss; usually due to gum disease, tooth decay or injury. For years, the only treatment options were dentures and bridgework; however dental implants are now available and are usually the first choice for those who would like to restore damaged or missing teeth.

Dental Implants Defined

Dental implants are replacement teeth that are anchored to the jaw bone; this is the most important difference between them and the other methods used to replace teeth. They are the ideal solution for missing teeth because they can help you look and feel better, regain your self-esteem, have a better quality of life, and are recognized as the standard of care for tooth replacement.

Advantages of Dental Implants

There are a ton of advantages to replacing missing teeth with dental implants. Some of them include:

  • Closest thing to natural looking, healthy teeth- Dental implants are stable and strong. They restore a lost tooth so that it functions, looks, and feels like a natural tooth.
  • Long lasting solution- A big advantage of dental implants is that although they may need some periodic adjustments, they can last a lifetime if properly cared for.
  • No more embarrassment- You will no longer have to feel the shame of having missing teeth or deal with removable dentures loosening or falling out when you eat, talk, or laugh.
  • Helps you retain the natural shape of your face - If you are missing teeth, your face can appear to be sunken. Another advantage of dental implants is that they will allow you maintain the natural shape of your face so that you won't appear older than you actually are.
  • Protects healthy bones- When you have empty spaces in your mouth due to a loss of one or more teeth, this can lead to additional health issues like the deterioration of your jawbone. Dental implants are the only dental restoration option that stimulates and preserves the natural bone and helps to stimulate bone growth and prevent bone loss.
  • Eat your favorite foods- If you love to eat, then this is another advantage of dental implants that you will love. When you replace your teeth with implants, you will be able to enjoy your favorite foods with hesitation. This means that you can bite naturally and eat whatever you want without discomfort.
  • Protects the healthy teeth that you already have- Dental implants are placed in the jawbone where the missing tooth root was and they don’t impact healthy teeth. They also prevent the nearby healthy teeth from shifting as they would, if there were an empty space there for an extended period of time.
  • Predictable results- Dental implant treatment has a reputation of being reliable and providing long term successful outcomes.

The Bottom Line

If you are missing your teeth, for any reason, dental implants will help restore your smile, self-esteem, and your facial structure. In addition, they are the best long term solution and will help you regain quality of life.


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Dental implants are always a good for maintaining proper dental hygiene. The best part of dental implant is that it reduce the load on the remaining oral structures/teeth by offering independent support and retention to crowns, bridgework and overdentures.

12 November 2014


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