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Orthodontic or orthodontia is a branch of dentistry, dealing with the correcting abnormalities of the teeth and jaw. It corrects the bite pressure and spacing of the teeth equally on the oral structure.
It involves:
Straightening of Teeth
Correction of Bite Pressure
Reduce Gap between Teeth
Why it is done:
Some people have a certain kind of dental deformity, i.e. crooked or crowded teeth. Orthodontic Treatment will move the teeth into a better position. This improves the appearance and also help in the equalizing the pressure on every teeth. Some even have a jaw deformity or teeth sticking out of the mouth. But orthodontic treatment can bring them back in formation. Getting a help from dental specialist it can be achieved. Asymmetry in the meeting of upper and lower jaw can also lead to incorrect bite matching. All these issues can be addressed by orthodontics.
At what age it is recommended:
It is best to get it checked and treated at an early age. But it is not compulsory. As age doesn’t matter over having the right set of teeth
How it is done and who does it:
A qualified dentist marks a full examination and conduct dental x-rays of the mouth. Then dentist will recommend certain treatment which will repair the affected regions. Such treatment requires medical certified appliances like, a brace. A qualified dentist or orthodontist conducts such treatment
How long it takes:
The treatment length solely depends on the severity of the case; it can take from days to months. In some cases, the treatment stays for more than a year. As such treatment takes time to subsume the deformity.
How good is the success and is it permanent?
The success depends on how good is the commitment and how diligently the patient has followed the instructions. After certain treatment, retainers are placed for maintaining certainty of the treatment.
Post- Treatment Care:
Brush carefully around the edges and braces. As braces are delicate and tend to break.
Reduce on the sugary drinks and food, they activate bacteria and can cause decay. Sticky and hard foods also affects the tooth enamel.
Use mouthwash at night for proper cleaning of teeth, use fluoride based toothpaste for overall mouth cleaning.
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