The Procedure for Same Day Dentures

November 12, 2014, Crawford and O brein

The Procedure for Same Day Dentures
The Procedure for Same Day Dentures

Economy dentures are selected by many patients. The low cost gives them the name 'economy dentures' while the speed with which they can be fitted and worn lends them the additional title of 'same day dentures'. With these perks it is easy to see why they are selected so often. More traditional dentures can require going to many different appointments, filling up your calendar for weeks. It can be frustrating to go so long without proper dental replacements even after beginning the process of acquiring dentures. Skipping the need for attending repeated appointments for alterations and adjustments keeps the price of economy dentures low while keeping your calendar free - no need for countless preparation visits when you choose same day dentures.


Same day dentures are a great choice for those who need dentures but still have teeth requiring extraction. Same day dentures can actually reduce bleeding and speed up the healing process after the teeth are pulled. The economy dentures are set directly onto the gums, causing the bone tissue to be stimulated which leads to the production of additional bone growth. This new growth replaces the teeth that were still rooted, quickening the healing process. Economy dentures are selected by many patients for cosmetic reasons as well. Rather than dealing with holes in your mouth after the extraction, same day dentures give you an immediate smile with a full set of teeth. Due to these benefits, economy dentures are selected by many patients needing extractions. 


Most dental practices that offer same day dentures are equipped with an in-house laboratory on their facilities. At your appointment, your doctor will evaluate your dental state and take measurements of the inside of your mouth, your head and your facial structure. The dimensions taken will be used for the fitting of your dentures. The information will determine the correct size of the economy dentures. When the measurements have been taken, discuss with your dental team your price range, the tooth coloring options and the materials to be used.


After that, your doctor will need to take an impression of your teeth. This step is completed early on to give the lab the benefit of maximum time to create your economy dentures. Once the impressions have been taken, talk to your doctor about your preferences. Communicate about the results you are hoping for as well as any fears or questions you may have. 


When your dentures have been made they will be set into a wax base. At this time, you will try them on. The dentures are not completed yet, but this step will give you and your doctor the opportunity to check how they fit and look. Further changes can still be requested and carried out. 


After the updates to your economy dentures are completed, you will try them on again for your doctor. Together you will examine the look and fit of your new dentures. You are ready to go the same day with your brand new smile! The immediate gratification of a more comfortable appearance is another reason economy dentures are selected by many patients.


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