Intraoral Camera And Present Day Dental Treatments

October 24, 2019, Langley Dental Practice

Today’s era is of technology. Everything in the world is getting better, faster and precise. There are rapid advancements in field of medical and dental technology that has led to various new products to meet patient’s needs.

Companies are continuously introducing new innovations and technologically advanced products to improve standard of dental care and help provide world-class services to patients.

Intraoral camera is an effective tool used by doctors or dentists to communicate and educate the patients the interiors of their mouth. Intraoral camera is a tiny digital camera that helps the dentist to capture clear digital images of teeth problems of hidden, troublesome and difficult-to-reach areas in the mouth.

In appearance, an intraoral camera looks like a writing pen. When moved around inside the patients mouth, allows the doctor view and capture detailed and enlarged images of teeth, gum condition, and other minute details of mouth tissues, cavities and other critical teeth problems without any pain or discomfort and has no side effects.

Intraoral camera captures real-time clear video and image. The latest new-age generation of intraoral cameras have enhanced autofocus and sensors and come in various designs and utility features. Other features include
• Lightweight and compact
• LED lighting
• Magnification up to 100X
• Angle of view 0˚ or 90˚
• SD card storage

Besides the above advantages, a few crucial benefits of an intraoral camera in modern-day dentistry are-

• Detecting oral health problems at an early stage which are not visible by the naked eyes
• Improves Accuracy of diagnosis and the advised treatment with advanced technological features.
• Serves as an educational tool for the patient and builds trustworthy relationship between the patient and the doctor.
• Intraoral camera helps Future Case Documentation as they have access to images and videos for future reference. This helps the doctor accurately track the treatment progress and advice changes, if needed in the treatment.
• With intraoral camera, doctors are able to explain the real-time problem and advice the course of treatment and improve the doctor-patient trust and credibility of a clinician.


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