What Are Porcelain Fixed Bridges

November 12, 2014, Crawford and O brein

What Are Porcelain Fixed Bridges
What Are Porcelain Fixed Bridges

A Porcelain Fixed Bridge is used to implant another tooth in your mouth. For those missing teeth, this is a perfect solution to replacing the missing tooth without your mouth looking too weird. Hockey players can rejoice, knowing that their mouths can be fixed with bridges. A Porcelain Fixed Bridge uses the teeth around it in order to replace your missing tooth.

How does the bridge utilize the teeth around the missing tooth? Porcelain is used to recreate a tooth, emulating the enamel look and feel. Porcelain is a strong material that will make your new tooth durable. The surrounding teeth are connected with the porcelain tooth (with the fake tooth being the literal bridge between the two), and then replaced into your mouth. As long as the tooth is correctly molded in conjunction with the other two teeth, your mouth will look as though you were never missing a tooth at all. The Porcelain works best because it can easily be molded into the shape of the surrounding teeth. 


A huge benefit of a porcelain fixed bridge is that it is easy to maintain. There is nothing different with the porcelain material, it acts just like a regular tooth does. That means you can brush and floss your teeth as you normally would, and acidic things like mouthwash should have no ill effects on the tooth.


A bridge is used to implant another tooth in your mouth and there are actually different types of bridges that are available, so speak to your dentist regarding which might be best for you. However, the porcelain bridge has some large benefits. In terms of aesthetics, the bridge can improve your smile greatly. This is huge for most people, because a nice smile is how people judge others and can give you a huge self esteem boost. Without replacing your tooth, your teeth can get out of line, and a bridge keeps your teeth from losing their shape. Having the tooth replaced also helps greatly with chewing, as often lacking a tooth affects the ability to chew on one side.


One down side to a bridge is that they can be costly. A single bridge with porcelain will typically cost close to one thousand dollars. The price will vary depending on the tooth that is being replaced and how much porcelain they have to use. Remember that a bridge is used to implant another tooth in your mouth which is not a cheap procedure. Replacing a tooth will almost always be costly. 


The process of getting a bridge is not quick either. It will typically take at least a couple of visits to the dentist to get it done. First, you have to get your teeth looked at, and the models have to be prepared. Then, when the lab prepares your teeth, you have to have them placed. The bridge will have to be adjusted over a couple of visits to see if it fits properly and if your bite is fine. Each person will have different cases when it comes to getting a bridge fitted, however.

A porcelain fixed bridge has many benefits and can improve your teeth greatly.


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