Dental Marketing Ideas to Help Your Practice Grow

November 21, 2019, My Digital Dentistry

For a business to prosper, it must learn how to adapt, evolve, and run with the times. The same holds true for businesses in the medical field -- dental practices included. And when it comes to marketing dental products and services in this era of the Internet, nothing is more efficient or effective as digital marketing in promoting brand awareness and boosting business performance.

Digital dental marketing is instrumental to the success of modern-dar dental practices. This influence will only continue to grow in the coming years as more and more people take their search for the best local dentist online.

These dental marketing ideas online will help you grow and reach more patients.

Search Engine Optimization

Google being the world’s number one go-to for anything they want to find or learn about, coveting a top spot on the search results page for dental-related keywords will give your practice plenty of exposure.

You see, people trust Google -- sometimes to a fault. But the thing is, your SERP ranking affects your credibility. And when people search for a local dental care provider online, they’re likely to pick one of Google’s top suggestions.

Done right, SEO is one of the most reliable methods for dental professionals to gain and attract more patients.

Social Media Marketing

Dental professionals tend to stay away from social media, thinking that it’s not the kind of publicity that their practice needs. We, however, beg to differ.

Social media has many facets and aspects, and when used the right way, these platforms can be your best marketing ally. Millions of people of different ages, cultures, lifestyles, and demographics check their social media feeds at any given time of the day. It’s the perfect marketing tool for extending your reach and drawing people to your practice.

Another great thing about social media is that it encourages a more friendly and casual connection. People are typically more comfortable with asking questions or sending inquiries via social media channels than through emails or by phone. These platforms make your dental practice more approachable and relatable, bringing it closer to the public.

Visual and interactive content marketing

Strive to create content that are not only informative but interesting and engaging as well. One excellent way to do this is by adding interactive and visually appealing content to your page, whether it’s your practice’s official website or social media accounts.

Quizzes and surveys are great for getting-to-know your patients and followers better, while videos, photos, and infographic make information easier to consume and digest. You can also try filming Q&A sessions and dental office tours or share a live video of some basic dental procedures on your Facebook or Instagram stories. It’s things like these that builds a stronger connection between you and your audience, so they’re likely to remember you the next time they need dental care. 


Using chatbots for customer support is getting increasingly popular among businesses big and small, and quite frankly, you should consider doing the same. With a round-the-clock AI chat-support, you can provide most of your website and social media visitors the information or assistance they require anytime they need it.

Chatbots would come real handy for answering FAQs and booking appointments. They’ll help keep your business going when you’re out of office.

Digital marketing has opened new doors for dentists all over the country by introducing new venues and strategies for dental professionals to promote and showcase their practice. With a reliable and experienced dental SEO agency to assist you, your practice can soar to new heights.


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