Dentist or Oral Surgeon Which is Best Choice

December 23, 2019, Smile Dentistry

Dentist or Oral Surgeon Which is Best Choice
Dentist or Oral Surgeon Which is Best Choice
To the beginning, when you need to get your oral health checked, you might most likely mix up with a dental and oral surgeon in Orange County & Tustin.

Proper nutrition and regular exercise play an essential role in keeping us active and healthy; this is what we believe. But, a healthy mouth is just as vital to have a healthy body. Adverse oral health impacts the quality-of-life. It includes missing teeth and oral pain - whether due to impacted teeth or infection - can affect the way you eat, speak, and socialize.

To the beginning, when you need to get your oral health checked, you might most likely mix up with a dental and oral surgeon in Orange County & Tustin. "Who should I meet?" Also, you may get anxious to understand the reasons why your dentist has referred you to an oral surgeon for treatment.

If your dentist refers you to an oral surgeon, this implies that your oral treatment might be somewhat complicated, and performing the procedure at a general dentist office could be unsafe. Some major oral issues need expertise treatment with the latest technology and ample knowledge. And in such instances, reputable oral and maxillofacial surgeons (OMS) are a must.

Who Should You Meet?

For whatever oral issue you may have, you initially should contact a local dentist. The dentist will determine whether your oral health is complicated to be referred to an oral surgeon or can treat you in the same office. The initial consultation at the dental clinic will include X-rays and investigation of your teeth, whether they are affected or not, or if they are impacted or have developed a sort of infection.

Based on the initial consultation, your local dentist will determine if he/she can cure your issue in the office. Minor procedures like tooth extraction or any other initial stage infections treatment, the dentist can execute in the office. For major surgical problems, he will refer you to a specialized oral surgeon. If you don't have any serious oral health issues and just a tooth removal procedure is required, the dentists can do it in the clinic, perhaps at the time of your consultation.

Reasons to See an Oral Surgeon

In any adverse situation, if you need to meet an oral surgeon, most dental specialists will be able to refer you to a qualified surgeon. Many well established dental centers may also have a surgeon in staff. So, you will not need to get to a different location. However, an appointment is crucial to schedule before getting to the dental surgeon.

There are various reasons why you may need to Google the best oral surgeon near me for a successful teeth extraction procedure.

Impacted Tooth: If you have an impacted tooth, or if one of them is entirely below the gum line, extracting it could be quite more complicated than the simple tooth removal process. Most likely, the procedure will include general anesthesia and a cut into the mouth to extract the tooth. It is indeed a sort of surgery. So it is good to let a trained surgeon carry out the procedure successfully.

Features of Your Face: The position of your tooth may cause a dilemma for a dentist to implement the procedure without causing discomfort. However, issues like large sinuses or partial jaw mobility make it necessary to have a dental surgeon to complete the tooth extraction process.

Broken Tooth: A broken or cracked tooth is likely to shatter more during the removal procedure. It creates the need for carrying out an intensive surgical procedure akin to what a surgeon does for an impacted tooth.

Fear of Meeting a Dentist: If you suffer from dental anxiety, whatever the form of situation your tooth may be in, like many people, you may prefer to be fast asleep during the tooth removal procedure. In this instance, an oral surgeon looks after the general anesthesia. A trained professional is significant to be present when receiving anesthesia since it may cause side effects.

Complex Extraction Procedure: The more the dentist struggles while performing the extraction process, the more chances will be there to go wrong during the process. If your tooth is broken or has complex roots, it is good to remove it with the help of a surgeon.

Professional Aptitude of a Dentist and a Surgeon

All dental specialists undergo years of education to receive a Doctor of Dental Medicine or Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. These degrees allow them to practice as a general dentist and carry out various usual procedures.

After acquiring the DMD and DDS degrees, an oral surgeon spends few more years of education and internship in a surgery setting.  That is indeed a lot of training. Due to the extensive training, oral surgeons like Dr. Farzin Farshidi, for example, are qualified and possess the excellent experience to carry out any complicated dental procedures.

Wrapping up

Two key specifications make a dentist different from an oral surgeon. Firstly, a dentist treats you for regular dental issues, whereas an oral surgeon is required to undergo specific surgical procedures. Secondly, a dentist has a comprehensive set of skills, and an oral surgeon has expertise in dealing with any sophisticated oral practices.

Consider meeting a local dentist before scheduling an appointment with an oral surgeon. A dentist can handle all general oral health issues. But, never overlook meeting a surgeon if the dental specialist refers you to one if the need arises.

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