What is All-on-4
What is All-on-4

Advances made in the dental field have now made it possible to get things done within one day.


A dentist in Portugal, Dr. Paulo Malo, is the one that devised this technique that is now being used by many dentists across the country today.   Dr. Malo found that this procedure works out great for patients who lost their teeth but do not have sufficient bone available to use the normal dental implants.  It certainly beats getting a bone graft which would take a lot of time and would be more costly to the patient.

How is it possible to having it done only on one day? A set of implants can support the dentures all in the same day but with only four implants being used, you won't be finished all in the same day but you will have teeth!    If you have a mouthful of missing teeth or are wearing dentures this may be your new solution! Losing one's teeth can certainly alter your life too.  It also can be cost effective and the procedure has been proven that it is better than others.  Then again, it is up to you and your dentist to come to a conclusion if  this procedure would be a good fit and match for you.   

The benefits of this will give you an immediate result and also a long lasting one too.  They will certainly function like real teeth and you will treat them just like "natural" teeth.

All-on-4 will get rid of the need to do any bone grafts, it will be quicker to get done and you will heal much faster at fort worth dentist.

As with dentures, you do not have to remove these, you won't need any adhesives to make them adhere to your gums, will even restore your facial features.  This type of implant  are placed at an angle which will use the natural support of your jaw bone. The All-on-4 procedure should only take about 2 and 1/2 hours from start to finish.  The success rate is also quite high, almost at 100% but averaging in at 98%.  Ideal patients will be the ones that already have dentures or those who may need them in the future.  No one will know that you are wearing them as they look like real teeth.  You won't necessarily leave with your actual teeth thou, but you will not leave the office without a temporary set.  AFTER you heal, taking approximately up to eight months, then the permanent teeth will then be given to you. 

If you only need top or bottom teeth this can be done also.  You are not required to have a full set if you don't need too.  Just as having natural teeth brushing and flossing will still be necessary to do daily.  Always  ask what is included in the cost from start to finish this way you will have no "payment" surprises along the way.  The average cost will vary depending on your location and what you really are needing.  I have noticed that the cost can be upwards of  $57,000, but I am guessing that extensive work and a full mouth of teeth may have been for this price point.    Again make sure you get  second opinions along with pricing in advance before making any major decisions.



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