What is Osseointegration

January 23, 2020, LuxDen Dental Center

What is Osseointegration
What is Osseointegration
Osseointegration is a vital part of any successful dental implant treatments, and it is a term you will frequently hear during your consultations with the dental implant specialist in Brooklyn Dr. Leonard Umanoff

The term is derived from the Greek word for bone, which is ‘osteon’ and the Latin word integrate, which means to "make whole again." Osseointegration is a process that must occur between your living jawbone and the artificial surface of your dental implants.

Once your implant post is inserted surgically into your jaw, it requires several months to osseointegrate or heal. Usually, an implant post needs between three and six months for osseointegration.

During this time, new bone cells form around the post and on it, gradually building a strong framework of new bone that will fuse the implant post in position.

When finished, your implant post will be an integral part of your jawbone and is strong enough to support your new implant restoration.

How Dental Implant Posts Encourage Osseointegration

Titanium and zirconia dental implants are highly biocompatible, but measures are taken to increase this biocompatibility by treating the implant posts. Some dental implants have a hydroxyapatite coating. Hydroxyapatite is naturally found in bone and helps to encourage new bone growth. Other dental implants are etched, increasing the surface area for osseointegration.

The greater the surface area, the more bone cells can form on the implant post, helping to secure it more strongly in the jawbone. Some dental implants are coated with other substances like plasma and which also encourages new bone growth.

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