The Kickstarter Gum Pick or Gum Stimulator for the Best Oral Hygiene

January 29, 2020, Langley Dental Practice

The Kickstarter Gum Pick or Gum Stimulator for the Best Oral Hygiene
The Kickstarter Gum Pick or Gum Stimulator for the Best Oral Hygiene
Your mouth is one of the first and foremost places to encounter germs in your body. You introduce these germs primarily through foods and drinks. The mouth also harbors a variety of bacteria necessary for the digestive process.

Therefore, your mouth requires frequent and intense care and hygiene. Sometimes, brushing and flossing your teeth does not guarantee you absolute cleanliness. This is where the Kickstarter gum pick comes in. The gum pick is an invention whose primary job is to ensure your best oral hygiene. With this tool, you can be sure of a clean, debris-free mouth with the bonus of massaged and relaxed gums.

What is a Kickstarter gum pick or gum stimulator?

Toothbrushes mainly remove dirt and germs from the surface of your teeth while flossing removes those stuck in between teeth spaces. The gum pick works on the often-ignored part of the mouth, the gums. With a rubber tip, the gum picker gently works around your gums, removing plaque, food particles, and other debris while massaging them for a better feel.

Components of the gum pick
The Kickstarter gum pick as three main components that allow it to function efficiently. They are:

Rubber tip

The gum is the most sensitive part of the mouth. It carries thousands of nerves that, if injured, can cause permanent damage to the mouth’s functionality. That is why the gum pick has a rubber tip, which is soft and gentle to the gums. The tip firmly attaches to the rest of the gum pick so that it does not accidentally detach while in the mouth and cause chocking. Additionally, the rubber material is neutral to the mouth. It does not react or cause any irritations or infections to the mouth.

Aluminum handle

The larger part of the gum pick consists of an aluminum handle. The aluminum keeps the tool free from rust and other external damage prone to other metal. It also ensures that the aluminum does not react with your mouth causing irritations.

Sleek handle form

The elegant shape of the aluminum handle makes it easy to hold and use. It is easy to grip without causing any extra pressure on your hands.

When to use the gum pick

You can use the Kickstarter gum pick any time of the day or as often as you usually observe oral hygiene. The best times are after a meal and just before you go to sleep. Sleeping with a clean mouth reduces bacterial activity in your mouth, thus reducing the chances of waking up with bad breath.

Pros of the gum pick/ gum stimulator

• The gum stimulator is a very easy to use tool. Once you know how to assemble the rubber tip, then using it is straightforward. The gum pick tool is, therefore, suitable for everyone who can safely operate it.
• You can get the rubber tips in four different colors so that everyone in your house can know which one is theirs. Sharing the same oral hygiene tool can cause bacterial infections, so separating them is ideal.
• The gum stimulator is small, light, and portable, making it easy to travel with.
• The gum pick helps you fight off dental plaque and prevent tooth cavities.
• It reaches hidden places that toothbrushes and floss may not be able to reach.
• The gum stimulator enhances blood flow in your gums, ensuring a healthy mouth.
• Lastly, the gum pick is very durable, giving you service for a very long time before the need for replacement.

For guaranteed oral hygiene and gums that feel nice and relaxed, get yourself a Kickstarter gum pick. The Kickstarter platform only endorses creative, unique, and proven projects. The gum pick gives reliable results and leaves all its users happy and fresh.


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