Dental Crown
Dental Crown
Dental crowns are prosthetics for your teeth. Crowns — or dental caps, as they’re called — become a permanent part of your teeth and require the same care you give your other teeth. Go to a family dentist near you in Yonkers, and you’ll find the dental crown cost is just as reasonable as other dentists, but you may be able to have it put in place sooner.

A dental crown is a prosthetic for your tooth. Unlike a denture, teeth caps are cemented onto your teeth, so they’re permanent. Crowns, or dental caps, cover damaged teeth completely, from the gum line up to the tip. Dental caps can be made to look just like your original teeth, matching the color and shape.

You may need a dental crown to:

  • Restore a decayed tooth
  • Protect a cracked tooth
  • Cap a tooth after a root canal
  • Fix a broken tooth
  • Improve the appearance of your smile
  • Change the alignment of your mouth
  • Cover a dental implant

When Would I Need a Crown or Bridge?
The aim of the dentistry center in Yonkers has always been to preserve your natural teeth, maintaining their strength and structure and helping them to last for as long as possible, hopefully for life. Nowadays, with the help of modern preventative dental techniques, people can retain their natural teeth for longer, and if a tooth is damaged, the general expectation is that it will be restored, not removed. But, when teeth are removed, it’s essential they are replaced.

When teeth are missing, it can affect your bite and overall oral health. Nowadays more people are opting to have dental implants, and this treatment is fast becoming the gold standard. As a result, fewer people are choosing to have dental bridges which used to be the treatment of choice over removable dentures. However, sometimes conventional crowns and bridges are still the best choice in specific situations.

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