To Be A Dentist. Advantages and Disadvantages

February 27, 2020, Clinic

To be a dentist
To be a dentist
The article describes what it means to be a dentist and what problems you can face to.

A dentist is a specialist who treats dental diseases and the maxillofacial apparatus as a whole. The dentistry profession is considered one of the most prestigious in the field of medicine.

Dentistry includes several specializations:
• dentistry,
• prosthodontics,
• prevention
• and rehabilitation.

The dental therapist performs an initial examination, makes a diagnosis and treats.

The orthodontist corrects the incorrect position of the teeth. Braces and plates are the main tools of a doctor of this specialization.

The profession of an orthopaedist is directly involved in tooth restoration and prosthodontics. Recovery is done when a bad tooth can still be saved. And they resort to prosthodontics when the first option is too late to apply. Dental technologists help the orthopaedist.

A dental surgeon operates on the jaw, facial joints, and bones. When defects, tumors or injuries occur, removes teeth.

A dental hygienist examines the oral cavity and teeth, removes the formed plaque and polishes the enamel. You can also go to him for advice on the prevention of dental diseases and hygiene procedures.

A periodontist is a specialist who is consulted for bleeding gums, the appearance of stone or plaque on the teeth, and bad breath from the oral cavity.

  After a person finds out that the tooth cannot be saved, a stomatologist-prosthetician comes to the rescue. He can offer options for dentures. Based on the impression taken from the patient, a prosthesis is made, adjusted and fixed in the mouth.

Before choosing this profession, everyone should understand that, as elsewhere, the work of the dentist has its pros and cons. It is better to understand in advance whether you are ready to overcome the disadvantages that you have to face daily.

Consider the advantages of the dentistry profession:

1. The relevance of the profession of the dentist. The most important plus is the prospect and high salary. Now people pay very much attention to their appearance and condition of their teeth as well. Therefore, we are ready to spend any amount to have beautiful and healthy teeth.

2. In many countries of the world, dentists are considered an elite profession. Having experienced and a good place, you can count on high wages. With certain experiences, one can achieve high qualifications and, accordingly, there will be more prospects for growth.

3. Another plus is the flexible work schedule. The dentist can work every day, or maybe a couple of days a week. Thanks to good pay, even the most ordinary dentist, working, just a few hours a week, can live no worse than a person who works all week tirelessly.

Let us consider the disadvantages of the profession:

1. Of course, far from everyone wants to be a dentist, and it is not suitable for everyone. The specialty requires a lot of responsibility because due to a small mistake, you can hurt a person, or even lose a tooth. Such qualities as advanced hand motor skills and good coordination of movements are very important for the dentist.

2. Patience, calm nature, tactfulness are one of the most important personal qualities that a specialist of this profile should possess. You can not be squeamish and hostile. It is known that for most people going to the dentist is a lot of stress and many do not dare, leaving it too late. And the doctor, in his turn, must reassure the patient, choose the right words. He is a kind of psychologist. If a specialist has all these qualities, then success is guaranteed.

3. The main disadvantage of the profession can be called long-term training. The dentist must constantly improve himself, master modern technologies and improve his qualifications. A diploma of graduation will not be enough. But for those who like to learn and find out new things, this will even be perceived as an advantage.

  So, if the choice fell on the profession of a dentist, you need to weigh all the pros and cons. People are different, and perhaps for someone, the disadvantage will be perceived positively. Well, then you need to be prepared for difficulties. Having understood whether there are all the necessary qualities and whether you will enjoy the work, you can safely move towards your goal.

About the author: Melisa Marzett is a freelance writer who is working for papers online, accomplishing articles about anything and everything. She is curious by nature that is why she has a constant interest in things around. She travels a lot, discovering things, acquiring skills and meeting new people, sharing what she knows and gaining new experience, making new friends and expanding her horizons.


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