5 Factors Affecting Oral Health

December 04, 2014, Aye Dental

5 Factors Affecting Oral Health
5 Factors Affecting Oral Health

You worry about your risks of heart disease and cancer  – do you work about your risk factors for oral health problems? Many people do not know the risks associated with  their oral health, knowing the risks helps keep you aware of your health, giving you the tools to seek treatment before serious problems occur. If any of these risk factors apply to you, talk to your chula vista oral health team about limiting the effect they have on your teeth.

A poor diet.
Your diet says a lot about you and a great deal about your health.  Artificial foods and sugary sodas will greatly increase your risk of developing oral health issues.  Other diets may find increased risk, diets high in carbohydrates, low in calcium, and insufficient calorie intake (malnutrition), can all increase your risk factors. Why foods high in sugars can harm teeth, avoiding fruits and vegetables with high amounts of vitamin C can be just as detrimental to your oral health. Make sure you eat a balanced diet and speak with your dentist at chula vista oral health team about how to reduce the effect some foods have on your teeth and gums.

Access to treated water
Fluoride is an effective way to increase the oral health of the general populations. Those who live in areas that do not have access to fluoride treated waters carry a higher risk of oral health concerns than those in treated areas. If you live in an area that does not treat water with fluoride you should add fluoride supplements to your daily oral health routine.

Rural areas
When you live in areas without proper access to dental care  it is a large factor in your oral health. While you don’t control where you live; remember, regular visits to a dentist helps reduce the risks of serious infections. Living in an area with poor access to dental care may cause you to opt for more serious and permanent solutions like extractions, rather than fillings or root canals. These solutions, while they seem a good choice, it can negatively affect your overall health by limiting your ability to eat and communicate

Quality of life
What may seem obvious to some is that oral health becomes an increasing concern for those in lower quality of life situations. Those who live under the poverty line are less likely to seek regular dental cleanings and may only visit a dentist when their teeth hurt or become difficult to chew. This causing larger problems as a few cavities rapidly advance into extractions. Remember if finances are a concern you can seek financial aid from local programs in your area.  
Regular tobacco use

Numerous studies have shown that if you smoke, you are at a much higher risk for oral health problems than non-smokers. Tobacco smoke causes faster and more resilient buildup of plaque and tartar, also, since smokers do not bleed as much as non-smokers during flossing. The smoker may believe they are healthier than what is true. If you smoke you should always maintain a proper hygiene care of your mouth.

Remember you oral health is important to living a health and full life, contact your chula vista oral health team for more information about your risks and how to maintain a healthy smile.


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