5 most common health issues men suffer in daily life

March 12, 2020, Arrowmeds

5 most common health issues men suffer in daily life
5 most common health issues men suffer in daily life
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The daily life of men starts from the bed and continues with hard work at the office of the family, with the kids and ends up at the bed again. In the mid-time, they go through several meetings, nuisances, addictions, fast foods and from all those they develop some of the common issues, which make them a sufferer too. Here are some of the top such issues that they face in daily life, but the fact is that the ailments, stated below, are more common in the age group of 25-40.

Cardiovascular ailment

With lunchtime having no fixed hour and having drinks and smoking continuing as a background bass music in life, men often develop cardiovascular ailment sin their daily life. Smoking, alcohol, wrong food habits and uneven lifestyle all these, along with the tension of them in their life and in their profession together make them suffer from the ailment.   To be very much factual here, it is stated that every 2 out f 5 men in the US are sufferer of the heart-related issues in their daily life.


Immense pressure at work, tension with their work and family and other issues including the lifestyle and food habit are making 25% of the male suffer from baldness. In the term of medicine and ailment, doctors call this as Alopecia, but the common name behind it is baldness and there is nothing it does but keeps the frustration of mind with the male in their daily life. This was common in the men of age 60+ once but with the change in the work-life and other things, this ratio has changed a lot and people of age 30+ are experiencing the same a lot.

ED Problem

Alcohol, smoking, high cholesterol levels and high glucose in the blood make this ailment and it is the illness, from which 50% of the males in US of the age group 25-40 are suffering right at this moment. Apart from the physical causes there are also the mental issues that are related to the ailment like stress, preoccupancy of brain and other nuisances in their workplace and in family life too.  Here the males will not find the feel good of their body or in one word will not be able to have intercourse with their partners and that makes them even more frustrated in life and that puts them out of the show at times too. If you want to get perfect solution of ED problem, then use Fildena 100 or Vidalista 20 ED Pills at Arrowmeds trusted pharmacy store.
Fast ejaculation
This is often termed as PE or Premature Ejaculation, where the males complete their coming after one minute of vaginal penetration. The sufferer here is both the female and the male but the effect of the same is so horrendous that the male counterpart finds nightmare of the same and that spoils the mental peace and everything that they have. The effect of the same is visible in their daily life, in their workplace mindset and at all the places and the men start feeling shy out of the same. Chaos in the house with the wife is common and at times that leads to separation too. The word of distress is that near to 30% of the males of 30+ males are suffering from the disorder and that is marking it as a menace for the society. 

Acne issue

Out of the teen and still getting acne regularly! This is not such a big issue as like the above stated four things, but this is surely problematic and that makes the males' life very much uneasy. It can be due to skin quality, but there are different issues like sleeplessness and too much proneness to alcohol or caffeine that causes the issue. However, the issues can be easily negated out here and the males can fix the issues too if they are bit careful in their life and their lifestyle. However, due to the work pressure and other things, it often happens that, males cannot get out of the thing by any means.   

All the five elements have one thing common in them and that is the lifestyle that the males lead. There are work pressures and there are the nightmares related to work too. But along with those, the wring habits that they develop in them are very much responsible for the illness. A Simple check of the alcohol, smoking, timely having your suppers and time going to bed, relaxed with all the works put aside – these are the things that are going to keep you away from the ailments totally, and the best thing here is that you have the medication support in all the cases. So, consult a doctor and get the aid instantly in the same case to get a better edge. And make some minute change in your lifestyle to keep yourself away from all the five ailments from your daily life.


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