Good Dental Habits for Healthy Teeth

March 16, 2020, Langley Dental Practice

For good dental health, you don’t need too many things. Whatever you are doing, do it in the right way. You might be brushing your teeth and flossing them but if you are not doing it right then it all will go in vain. To learn good dental care habits for healthy teeth and gums.

Don’t brush your teeth aggressively

If you are brushing your teeth twice a day but still you can feel plaque on your teeth then there are chances that you are not bruising your teeth with the right technique. While brushing teeth don’t apply too much force instead brush in a small circular motion on the front, back and top of each tooth to remove plaque. Use a soft bristle brush to protect the enamel on the tooth.

Floss everyday

Flossing is as essential as brushing your teeth. Floss your teeth every day to remove the plaque from your teeth that are stuck between the teeth. Flossing also prevent from bad mouth Oder by removing the debris and small food particles.

Visit your dentist twice a year

Whatever you are doing to keep your teeth healthy at home is great but you must visit your dentist Abbotsford to check your teeth. Your dentist will do a detailed check-up of your teeth and clean them. He will see if there is any sign of cavity or gum disease and prevent it. Visiting dentist regularly can prevent you from many oral problems.

Avoid smoking

It is written everywhere that smoking is injurious to health. If you want to keep your teeth and gum health for a long time then avoid smoking. Smoking makes your immune system weak which make it difficult to heal if there is any oral problem.

Avoid Sugary and sweet food

If you have a sweet tooth then to make your teeth and gums strong you should avoid consuming sugary and starching food. There are studies which show that people who have a low intake of sugary food have good oral health. The food such as bread, pasta, and cracker are responsible for tooth decay so try to avoid having such food that has starch.

So if you are taking good care of your oral health then you should visit your dentist once a year. Dentist Abbotsford is one of the best dentists in Abbotsford who can take care of your oral health.


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